Why Are My Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow - How To Save It

Written by Ivy

Jan 20 2023

Why Are My Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow - How To Save It
Why does my Pothos have yellow leaves every day? Now let's take a detailed look at several reasons and solutions for Pothos yellow leaves. In the process of ordinary maintenance, we should pay attention to that Pothos leaves will not have yellow leaves, and the leaves will grow big and oily green, and yellow leaves will never appear again.

Causes of Yellow Pothos Leaves

Why Are My Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow

Natural Aging Process

If the natural aging process leads to pothos yellow leaves, we don't have to worry. Plants will have a metabolic stage. At this stage, yellow leaves will appear on the old leaves of Pothos. At this time, we can directly remove the old leaves of Pothos to prevent the yellow leaves from absorbing a large amount of nutrients and affecting the growth of new leaves.

Improper Light

Pothos likes light and is afraid of exposure to the sun. Pothos does not have strict requirements for light. We can give it two or three hours of non direct light every day, which is enough for it to grow well. If it is exposed to the sun at noon, even in spring and autumn, too much light will cause its leaves to turn yellow from the edge. After this situation is found, we must do a good job in shading for him in time, Otherwise, all Pothos leaves will turn yellow, and the leaves of the whole plant will be dull. (Read More: Why Are My Pothos Leaves Curling)

Low Humidity Level

The air humidity generally decreases in winter, generally 20% ~ 30%. The normal Pothos growth environment requires air humidity above 80%. Therefore, the environmental humidity after winter is far from reaching the growth conditions of Pothos, resulting in the phenomenon of Pothos yellow leaves caused by drying, not only Pothos, but also other plants.

Overwatering or Underwatering

If we water Pothos too much, it will directly affect its root system and affect its normal breathing. The root system that has been stuffy for a long time will rot when it can't hold on, and then affect Pothos's leaves. Moreover, if Pothos is short of water for a long time, it will not only cause Pothos yellow leaves, but also make the leaves dull and dull.

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Pothos Root Rot - Cause And Treatment

Poor Or Too-Much Fertilizer

Insufficient fertilizer will cause Pothos to have yellow leaves. Pothos grows vigorously, and fertilizer cannot be lacked. Otherwise, Pothos will look sick, with yellow leaves and slow growth. The yellowing caused by excessive fertilization or excessive concentration of Pothos is manifested in the dry brown at the top of new leaves, the general leaf surface is thick and dull, concave convex and unsmooth, and the old leaves are burnt yellow and fall off.
Why Are My Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow

Improper Temperatures

Pothos likes to grow in a warm environment. If we put it in a low temperature environment for a long time, Pothos will stop growing, resulting in the production of Pothos yellow leaves.

Wrong Way of Repotting

After you change pots for Pothos, it will take some time to serve pots. During pot serving, Pothos leaves will appear yellow, which is normal. As long as it is not a large area of Pothos yellow leaves, don't worry. If the bottom leaves fall, new leaves will grow. The pot serving time of Pothos is not fixed. It depends on how your Pothos roots grow and the environment. Generally, if the root system grows well, the basin serving speed will be faster.
Pothos will have top advantages, so water and nutrients will be provided to the top leaves first, so pothos yellow leaves will appear in the bottom leaves due to insufficient water and nutrients. So we can spray water mist on the leaves every day, which can make the leaves absorb some water.


Potted Pothos kept indoors are rarely infected with pests, but if the environment for maintaining Pothos is too dry, the air humidity is relatively low, and the space is closed, it may be infected with red spider. In this case, it will also cause Pothos yellow leaves. It is necessary to regularly check whether there are pests on the back of leaves, and remove them in time if found.

Root Rot

When maintaining Pothos in the family, rotten roots often lead to yellow leaves. The main reason is that there is no ventilation in the maintenance process of our family. Without ventilation, if you water too much, Pothos basin soil will be wet for a long time, which will cause its root rot.

How to Treat Yellowing Leaves on Pothos

Why Are My Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow

Sufficient Light

In fact, Pothos's demand for light is relatively high. When a large number of Pothos yellow leaves are trimmed by us, we should give them a certain amount of sunshine, so that Pothos can recover slowly. Don't move outside when irradiating the sun. Just irradiate it through the glass of the window. In this way, Pothos can be fully irradiated. Remember to move the angle of the flowerpot, so as to ensure that it will not be irradiated in only one place.

Proper Watering Technique

The temperature is relatively low in winter, and the water evaporation of Pothos is relatively low. If you water too much, it is easy to rot the roots, so it is normal for Pothos leaves to turn yellow. Therefore, when raising Pothos in winter, we must properly control the watering. It is best to water the plants when the soil is slightly dry.

Add Fertilizer In The Growing Season

We can regularly spray 0.1% - 0.3% urea or other nitrogen fertilizer to Pothos leaves. However, it should be noted that excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer will fade the spots on the leaf surface of Pothos. If 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate is sprayed on the leaf surface, the spots on the leaf surface can be restored and made beautiful. We should use a larger (water surface) culture container as much as possible and shake Pothos's maintenance container as much as possible to make the tablet rub with the air and increase oxygen in the water. If possible, we can charge oxygen into the water. (Read More: How to Choose The Best Pot For a Pothos Plant)

Check For Pothos Root Rot

After Pothos is frozen, the upper part is easy to turn yellow and die. At this time, we should check the roots of Pothos. If the roots are not rotten, we can change Pothos to a warm place for maintenance.

Maintain Temperature

Pothos likes to grow in a warm environment. If the temperature is too low and the soil is wet, Pothos's roots will be frostbitten and its leaves will turn yellow. Therefore, we must keep Pothos warm in winter. If there is heating at home, we must put the plants far away from the heating, otherwise the Pothos leaves will turn yellow.

Proper Repotting Methods

It is normal that Pothos leaves turn yellow after changing pots, because the root system will be damaged in the process of changing pots, and Pothos has to adapt to the new soil environment for a period of time, so we will have some Pothos yellow leaves a few days after changing pots for Pothos, but if there are not many yellow leaves, it is a normal phenomenon. Just remove the yellow leaves without special treatment.
However, if there are a large number of Pothos after changing pots, and even the branches turn yellow, we should be vigilant about whether they are rotten roots. First of all, we should take Pothos out of the pot to check the root volume. If there are rotten roots, we should deal with the rotten roots, or directly throw away Pothos with serious yellow leaves and rotten roots, and then soak it with carbendazim for disinfection. After disinfection, we can plant it back with new soil, and then continue to observe the growth of Pothos.

Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow FAQs

Why Are My Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow

Can Yellow Pothos Leaves Turn Green Again?

Pothos leaves turn yellow and then turn green. If the situation is serious and dry, it is difficult to come back in green. Usually, the yellowing of Pothos leaves is caused by the maintenance environment. If the light of the maintenance environment is too strong, the yellowing of Pothos leaves will occur. It likes to grow in a semi cloudy environment. If it is transferred to the shade in time, it will have a chance to recover.

Should I Remove Yellow Leaves from Pothos?

If the leaves of Pothos turn yellow, they need to be cut off in time, but pay attention to skills. They can't be pulled off directly. They should be cut off from the middle of the leaf petiole, which can retain the water in the plant. If the yellow leaves of Pothos come from the root ulceration, after cutting off the yellow leaves, cut off the root ulceration.
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