Female Dragon Plant Profile

Written by Joy

Mar 16 2021

Female Dragon Plant Profile

Female Dragon plant, also known as the Magnolia flower, belongs to the Magnolia family, a shrub or tree, which is a precious ornamental flower. It is produced in the mountainous areas of southwest China. Due to deforestation and excessive bark harvesting, the resources are seriously damaged, the habitat deteriorates, and the natural regeneration ability is weak. It is the only adult plant in the country, and it is a rare and endangered plant under national protection. The dragon Lady flowers bloom every year in the third month of the lunar calendar. The flowers and leaves open and droop at the same time. The flowers are milky white, beautiful and fragrant. Pistil is prominent, and its stamen is deep purple.

 Female DragonFemale Dragon

Female Dragon Plant Morphological Characteristics

Female Dragon Plant is an evergreen shrubs or small trees, bark with distinct lenticels, the year of purplish red branches. The products with stand are ovate or oblong, with its 8 marks, its 4 marks, with luster; Grayish yellow pilose along midvein and lateral veins above, densely silvery gray flatular-villous below. In the third month of the lunar calendar, the flowers and leaves open and droop at the same time, and the flowers are milky white. The flowers are big and beautiful, with prominent pistils and deep purple stamens. The petals open 12 petals in an average year and 13 petals in an embellish year.

Female Dragon Plant Growth Habit, Environment, Distribution

Dragon female flowers for the subtropical tree species, especially like light. However, young trees are quite resistant to shade, prefer warm and humid climate, and have a certain drought tolerance. They can withstand low temperature without significant frost damage on the leaves, but if the temperature is too low for a long time, the leaves will be frozen. Female Dragon prefers rich, deep, moist, well-drained acid or neutral soil. Female Dragon Plant does not grow well on dry, calcareous, alkaline soil and poorly drained clay. It is resistant to soot and sulfur dioxide gas.
Dragon lady peanut in 1800-2000 meters above sea level mixed forest. The dragon Lady flower is produced in the mountainous area of southwest China. The dragon flower originated in the east of North America, and is cultivated in the south of the Yangtze River basin in China. It is native to Ailao Mountain in northwest and west China, native to mixed coniferous broad-leaved forests at an altitude of 2700m to 3500 m. It is a national protected plant.
After 15 years of unremitting efforts by flower workers in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, the famous Flower of Dali for hundreds of years, the Dragon Lady flower, has ended the historical situation of only being heard of its name, but not its flower. The first batch of living specimen seedlings of Female Dragon have been successfully bred, andit will reappear in Dali.

Female Dragon Plant Efficacy

Female Dragon plant is the substitute for magnolia officinalis. It is a rare common traditional Chinese medicine with definite effect and reliable therapeutic effect, which can dry and damp, reduce phlegm, relieve asthma, appetizing and eliminate accumulation, and relieve pain. It has irreplaceable functions of other drugs. Its pharmacological therapeutic effects are as follows.
  • 1. Antibacterial effect. Female Dragon plant has broad-spectrum antibacterial effect, stable antibacterial components, not easy to be destroyed by acid, alkali and other chemicals.
  • 2. It has an obvious anti-caries effect and anti-tinea tinea activity.
  • 3. Antifungal effect. It can be used to treat skin diseases.
  • 4. Antiviral effect. Decoction has treatment of viral hepatitis, liver fibrosis and the prevention and treatment of cirrhosis.
  • 5. It relaxes the muscles of the human body. And it has an obvious and persistent central nervous muscle relaxation effect.
  • 6. in the digestive system has an obvious effect on the smooth muscle.
  • 7. Anti-ulcer effect.
  • 8. It can inhibit the central nervous system.
  • 9. It has an obvious effect of lowering blood pressure.
  • 10. Its inhibition of platelet aggregation.
  • 11. It has a good anti-tumor effect and is the preferred drug for the treatment of skin tumors and skin cancers.

Female Dragon Plant Care

Appropriate Water

Female Dragon plant is a kind of fleshy root. If the soil is too wet, the leaves will wither and fall off, or even rot to death. If it is too dry, the leaves will be withered and curled up. During the flowering period, when the petals are overstretched, it indicates that water is insufficient, and water is suitable to be bract; The surface of the basin is dry, and the soil should be watered immediately when it is hard and cracked. Watering requirements of water temperature, earth temperature must be consistent, and can not suddenly pour cold water or hot water. Watering must be thoroughly watered, often half water will cause shallow roots. It is not suitable to water longnv flowers in spring and autumn. In summer, you'd better water them every day and in the evening. At the end of autumn, you could water them less and once every 10 days in winter. Rainy season should be moved to shelter.

Good Soil.

You ought to use pine needle rotten leaf soil 5 parts, coarse bran ash 2 parts, coarse sand 2 parts, wet manure 1 part to prepare, avoid using poor permeability of fine sand soil or clay heavy soil when growing female dragon palnt. Upper basin uses ventilated and ventilated good earthen basin (element burns basin), and avoid using glaze basin, porcelain basin, purple sand basin to wait. You'd better use a deeper tube shaped flower pot, under the basin cushion buckle empty flower pot, and use brick overhead, in case drainage is not smooth.