Cumings crown cactus (Rebutia neocumingii) profile

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Oct 14 2021

Cumings crown cactus (Rebutia neocumingii) profile

Cuming's crown cactus (Rebutia neocumingii ) has a variety of appearance, usually spherical to short columnar single plant. Cuming's crown cactus has fibrous roots fasciculate, no root tuber, hard thorns, white at the base, gradually becoming black at the end, 2~8 medial thorns, 5~24 marginal thorns indefinite. The petals are yellow. Compared with other albutia varieties, the flowering position of this product is closer to the growing point, and the flowering season can be opened from spring to autumn.

Cuming's crown cactus picture

Cuming's crown cactus

Cuming's Crown Cactus info

Botanical Name Rebutia neocumingii
Common Names Cuming's Crown Cactus
Plant Type Cactus/Succulent
Light Full sun to partial sun
Native Areas Bolivia
Miscellaneous With thorns/spines/prickles/teeth
Resistances Drought tolerant
Flower color Showy

Morphological characteristics of Cuming's crown cactus

Appearance: The appearance of Cuming's crown cactus is varied, usually spherical to short columnar in a single plant.

Roots: fasciculate fibrous roots, without root tubers.

Spines: hard spines, white at the base and black gradually at the end, 2~8 in the middle and 5~24 in the side

Verrucules: About 16 to 18 pellet - shaped verrucules

Flower: petals yellow, compared with other albutia varieties, this product is closer to the flowering point of growth, flowering season can be from spring to autumn

How to grow Cuming's crown cactus


Under glass, Cuming's crown cactus grows in standard cactus compost in full light with low humidity. From spring to summer, water moderately and apply a balanced liquid fertiliser 3 or 4 times; keep completely dry at other times


Cuming's crown cactus propagates by seed at 21°C (70°F) in early spring, or remove offsets in spring or summer

Suggested planting locations and garden types

Patio & Container Plants

Cumings crown cactus

How to care for Cuming's crown cactus


No pruning necessary


Vulnerable to mealybugs


Relatively disease resistant

Cuming's crown cactus distribution

Cuming's crown cactus is distributed in Bolivia and the Andes in Peru.

The use of Cuming's crown cactus

Cuming's Crown Cactus is ideal for home planting, absorbing radiation.

Cumings crown cactus