Crassula tecta profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 20 2021

Crassula tecta profile

Crassula Tecta leaves are sessile, approximately ovate or triangular, green, rough surface, coarse look like covered with fine white hair, close look, especially under a magnifying glass. The original is dense very fine white warts or particles. This is the "white coat," the so-called original. Crassula Tecta likes a warm, dry and sunny environment. Crassula Tecta is resistant to half shade, low temperature, fear of frost and snow, avoid water. Spring and autumn for a long time, can be full sunshine. In summer, there is a slight dormancy, pay attention to ventilation shading, a small amount of water around the basin. Winter temperature is not less than 5 degrees Celsius, and gradually cut off water, keep the basin soil dry.

Crassula tecta picture

Crassula tecta

Crassula tecta characteristics

Crassula Tecta is a perennial succulent plant that thrives on dry ground or rocks; Leaves are alternate, opposite or whorled, often sessile, simple, sparse pinnate compound; Flowers are usually bisexual, sparsely unisexual, actinomorphic, solitary or arranged in cymes; Sepals of crassula tecta are equal in number to petals, usually, 4-5; Hopson; Stamens are as many as or twice as many as sepals; Pistils usually 4-5, each with 1 small scale at base; Ovary of Crassula Tecta is 1-locule, with up to one ovule number; Fruit for a follicle, abdominal seam dehiscence.

Crassula tecta habits

Crassula Tecta, who prefers warm, dry and sunny environments. Crassula Tecta is resistant to half shade, low temperature, fear of frost and snow, avoid water.

In order to isolate the Crassula Tecta from the soil surface and make it more breathable, we use to spread clean river sand with particles. The size of river sand is 3 to 5 millimeters. Watering is dry to water thoroughly, do not water.

Spring and autumn are the Crassula Tecta growing seasons, with full sunshine. Summer will be slightly dormant, ventilation shading, 3 to 4 times a month trace water, a small amount of water in the basin (according to the size of their basin and the local climate to feed water). To keep the root system from drying out too much.

In winter, the temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius, and the water should be gradually cut off. The soil should be kept dry under 3 degrees Celsius, and it should be kept at least 3 degrees below zero as far as possible. When the basin soil is dry, Crassula Tecta will be safe for the winter. Flower friends usually watering when watering in the soil as far as possible, leaf stained with water will affect the appearance. Do not pour to the flower core, will rotten core oh.

Crassula tecta is not slow to grow and grows in groups.

Crassula Tecta propagation

Propagation methods of Crassula Tecta include sowing and dividing, and beheading. We generally cut with the head of the method of propagation cuttings, the remaining parts will sprout tillering buds.

Crassula tecta