Crassula quadrangularis profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 19 2021

Crassula quadrangularis profile

Crassula quadrangularis is a genus of Cyclosaurus in the family Chrysophoraceae. Crassula quadrangularis likes full sunshine and a warm and dry environment. It is not cold-resistant, avoids water dampness, high temperature sultry and overshade, and is resistant to drought and semi-shade.

Crassula quadrangularis picture

Crassula quadrangularis

Morphological characteristics of the Crassula quadrangularis


Crassula quadrangularis is a succulent plant of the genus Cyclosaurus, belonging to the family Cyclosaurus. It is a species of Cyclosaurus having a cluster of plants with a slender and easily branched stem, usually with its stems and branches vertically upward.


The leaves of Crassula quadrangularis are shaped like square towers, arranged in four-sided rows on stems and branches. The leaves are very tightly arranged opposite to each other and can be slightly scattered when light is poor.

Flowers at top of the plant, very small.

Ecological habits of Crassula quadrangularis

Crassula Quadrangularis requires full sunlight and a cool, dry environment. It is resistant to semi-shade and is afraid of waterlogging. crassula quadrangularis is not hot and humid. Crassula quadrangularis has the habit of growing in the cold season and dormant in high temperature in summer.

How to grow and care for Crassula quadrangularis

Crassula Quadrangularis likes full sunlight and warm and dry environment. It is not cold-resistant, avoids water dampness, high temperature, sultry and overshade. It is resistant to drought and semi-shade.


The suitable temperature for growth is 15-25 degrees, not less than 5 degrees in winter.


Peat, vermiculite and pearlite mixed soil are available, also can use garden soil, coarse sand or vermiculite 2 copies of 1 leaf soil preparation after blending, and add a small amount of bone meal and chicken manure as basal, an individual because every year in the soil without fertilization, no friends in the soil of flowers flower fertilizer can make your own point, use orange, orange peel, large mineral water bottle, bubble water after half a month, in the water the flowers people feel pure and fresh and pretty good.


Water is dry thoroughly irrigate, appropriate of summer dormant period is put in ventilated cool, light is bright, do not have direct sunlight place to conserve, need not pour overmuch water, in case decay.

Crassula quadrangularis

Propagation of the Crassula quadrangularis

Crassula quadrangularis propagation ways mainly have division and cutting and sowing, and strains could be combined with spring in the basin, the method is to separate growth of dense plants, every 3 ~ 4 a cluster, and then directly on potted plants. Shearing cuttings can also be used in the growing season full robust branches at the top of the cuttings in the sand. Keep soil moisture, slightly about 20 days to take root, sowing seeds was conducted in the 4 ~ 5 months, at around 20 ℃ under the condition of planting, sowing seed germination, 10 to 16 days after germination after normal management.

Uses of Crassula Quadrangularis

Crassula Quadrangularis is potted on balconies, courtyards and gardens for viewing.

Crassula quadrangularis