Crassula Fusca profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 16 2021

Crassula Fusca profile

Crassula Fusca is a succulent plant of the genus Crassula, which is a subshrub, potted for viewing and is very lovely.

Crassula Fusca picture

Crassula Fusca

Form characteristics of Crassula Fusca

Crassula Fusca is a subshrub and does not grow tall easily.Plant leaves are opposite and densely arranged on branches, long and narrow leaves.New leaves are green, old leaves brown or dark brown, temperature difference of the season the whole plant leaves appear purplish red, very beautiful.Crassula Fusca flowers are in clusters, small white flowers, cross-pollination, smaller flowers. 

Crassula Fusca growth habit

Crassula Fusca likes a warm, dry and sunny environment, drought tolerance, and can tolerate indoor low temperatures of minus 4 degrees and keep the soil dry, minus 4 degrees leaves will slightly appear unenergetic, frostbite. But it doesn't matter, the temperature will recover full.Crassula Fusca has slightly tolerance of half-shade, but too long shade maintenance makes leaves become leaf blade base and is also easy to elongate, leaf rod becomes tender and weak.Although plants need light, it is best not to be exposed to the sun in summer, with adequate shade and little water. 

Crassula Fusca

Crassula Fusca propagation method

The propagation of Crassula Fusca can be cut in early spring with tiller buds coming from the remaining stems, or it can be leafed with healthy leaves, which can be cut in slightly wet soil, cool and ventilated waiting for new roots to grow.During this period, it is dry enough to supply water.

Crassula Fusca care

The soil of Crassula Fusca can be planted with fertile and well drained and breathable farming soil. The kite is made of coal cinder mixed with peat vermiculite perlite, which is almost breathable, and the soil is covered with granular natural river sand.Crassula Fusca grows particularly well during the cold season, with short but not very long periods of dormancy in the summer due to high temperatures.The whole summer kite is also for the flood, basically is the pocket head drench.If the root system is good, there will be no problem. One problem that flower lovers need to pay attention to is that in summer crassula fusca should avoid being soaked, which is less likely to rot.General summer is in the same down two hours after the water.

Crassula Fusca