Cotyledon undulata profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 24 2021

Cotyledon undulata profile

Cotyledon undulata is one of the most famous succulents with its large, oddly shaped leaves and beautiful colors. Rare in the early days because of the difficulties of cultivation, the price has now become popular.

Cotyledon undulata picture

Cotyledon undulata

Morphological characteristics of Cotyledon undulata

Cotyledon undulata is an erect fleshy shrub, 30-60cm tall, with white branchlets. The blade is fan-shaped, the leaf margin fold is wavy, like an open folding fan. Growth on the stem, not interesting. The leaf surface of cotyledon undulata has a thick layer of white powder, white powder faded, the leaf itself was green.

Cotyledon undulata growing environment

Cotyledon undulata is a succulent species that likes warm, dry and sunny environments. Cotyledon undulata is resistant to drought and is afraid of moisture and direct sunlight. Growing season to keep the basin soil slightly wet, winter to keep the basin soil dry.

Cotyledon undulata growing methods

Appropriate temperature

Cotyledon undulata has the habit of sleeping in summer and growing in cold season. Cotyledon undulata needs to maintain a room temperature of about 10℃ in winter, and the lowest temperature for overwintering is 5℃. 


Cotyledon undulata likes sufficient sunshine, cool and ventilated environment, drought and half shade environment, rapid growth, simple maintenance. Outside the dormant period except for summer, other season wants sufficient sunshine, summer needs proper shading, avoid scorching sun exposure, but also cannot too shaded, lest because of illumination insufficient and make the white powder on foliage is reduced, affect admire and admire.


Cotyledon undulata likes cool and dry, avoid hot and humid. Summer dormant period is very long, to ventilation and cooling, temperate watering, especially in midsummer can not water. The growing season can be regularly watered, the need to pay special attention to is, try not to touch the leaves and watering on the leaves, so as not to affect the beauty of the powder layer loss. 

Cotyledon undulata flowering

Cotyledon undulata blooms in spring and summer, cymose panicle, 45cm tall, florets tubulate, 2.5cm long, orange with red apex.

Cotyledon undulata

Cotyledon undulata propagation methods

Cuttage: Cottage is the main propagation method of Cotyledon undulata. Cut sprigs in late fall or early spring and insert them into a sand bowl. Keep the soil slightly moist often. Rooting is easy after normal management of cuttings. 

Sowing: Sowing can also be used for Cotyledon undulata propagation. The seeds are generally planted in spring. Before sowing, the seeds are disinfected and then soaked in clean water. After the seeds of Cotyledon undulata swell in water, they are pulled out and dried. They are directly sown into the sand bed or basin and covered with film for heat preservation and moisture preservation. After sowing, put Cotyledon undulata in the shade, and then gradually move to the ventilated and transparent place to promote the robust growth of seedlings.

Cotyledon undulata main value

Cotyledon undulata has large, cup-shaped leaves with a peculiar and beautiful white color. The inflorescence is a long, beautiful color that has a higher ornamental value, indoor potted ornamental more placed in the indoor, living room, for excellent indoor potted pulp plants.

Cotyledon undulata