Conophytum vanzylii profile

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Feb 25 2021

Conophytum vanzylii profile

Conophytum vanzylii is a member of the genus Conophytum. Conophytum vanzylii seedlings are difficult to maintain, like warm winter and cool summer climates. When new globular leaves grow in spring every year, the old globular leaves gradually shrink. In summer, the new globular leaves grow thicker and thicker, and always keep 2 globular leaves.

Native to arid areas of southern Africa and southwest Africa, conophytum vanzylii flowers in summer in fissures or gravel soils.

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Conophytum vanzylii

Morphological characteristics of Conophytum vanzylii

Conophytum vanzylii is a small succulent perennial plants or reduced to scales, often without stipule. Stems are very short and often invisible. Metamorphosis leaves fleshy and hypertrophic, two oppositely linked to becoming an inverted cone. Varieties are many, each with its own characteristics.

Flowers of conophytum vanzylii are bisexual, orderly, solitary, or axillary dichabate or terminal monoclonal cyme, perianth 1 round, consisting of 4 to 5 separate or united leathery, green sepals.

Stamens of Conophytum vanzylii are basic 5 number, but often split into the majority, the outermost side often sterile and petal-like, filaments separated or synthesis of a few bundles, or the base of monomer; Pistil is formed by 3 ~ 5 carpels, ovary superior or inferior, 1 ~ 5 locules (sometimes up to 20 locules). Each locule has many, one sparse, inverted or curved ovules. Capsule of is Conophytum vanzylii berrylike.

Conophytum vanzylii has a plump body and a small red mouth. The 3 - to 4-year old stone flowers bloom yellow, white, and pink flowers in the fall from the middle gap of the opposite leaves. A single flower blooms for 3 to 7 days. When Conophytum vanzylii blooms, the flowers almost cover the whole plant, which is very beautiful. And after the years of some varieties have reached, they will split up and grow in groups.

Ecological habits of Conophytum Vanzylii

Conophytum vanzylii seedlings are difficult to maintain, like warm winter and cool summer climate. When new globular leaves grow in spring each year, the old globular leaves gradually shrink, and the new globular leaves grow thicker and thicker in summer. Winter put enough sunshine place maintenance, such as low temperature or too shaded, globular leaf growth is not good, will gradually shrink.

Conophytum Vanzylii likes warm winters and cool summers. Conophytum vanzylii likes a warm, dry and sunny environment. Conophytum vanzylii fear low temperature, avoid strong light. Conophytum vanzylii is pleasant to sunshine, the suitable temperature for growth is 10~30℃. It is suitable to grow in loose neutral sandy loam. Winter and summer remember to reduce appropriate moisture to help ecdysis.

How to grow and care for Conophytum vanzylii

Conophytum vanzylii grows new globular leaves in spring each year, and the old globular leaves gradually shrink, and the new globular leaves grow thicker and thicker in summer, always keeping 2 globular leaves. Growth period needs more moisture, but can not be too wet, easy to grow moss, affect the normal growth of globular leaves. At the same time, every half a month fertilizing 1 time, but the fertilizer liquid must not stain globular leaves.

Suspend fertilization after autumn flowering. Winter puts enough sunshine in place maintenance, such as low temperature or too shaded, globular leaf growth is not good, and will gradually shrink. Conophytum vanzylii can be surrounded by colorful pebbles to provide support and enhance the ornamental effect.


Conophytum vanzylii into the ball can keep wet is very ideal (on the old skin more peeling plants should pay attention to water is not easy to dry), because of time, labor relationship from above watering should be selected in sunny days, when the conditions for ventilation, attention should be paid to a plant or head too many plants do not apply this method. If the light is 10, you're going to get 8 for the meat cone, and you're going to have to treat the light differently because of the shape of the meat cone, the size of the meat cone. General large species of light is strong, the small species of light is weak.


Conophytum vanzylii sphere color to consider, or further, shoot and the relationship of design and color to consider: yellow, white is the reflected light the most, have such a variety of design and color in natively must be grown in quite a strong light, the second is brown flowers, peach flower, red flower, and so on, then purple flower, according to their habits to take appropriate shading, raw rock flowers with white flowers, yellow flower is a common, meat cone medium of chrysanthemum can arrange according to the requirements of living rock flowers of light. The design and color breed that reflects light hard wants appropriate shade.

Insufficient sunlight during the Conophytum vanzylii growing period will degenerate the characteristics of plant varieties and change their appearance and color. It is also the cause of weakening and corruption.

In the basin

Planting and replanting of Conophytum vanzylii are done in the fall, when the plants are removed from the soil, the roots are shaken off, and the capillary roots are not injured. The old, dry roots and rotting roots are cut off and planted with new culture soil. You can either plant the same variety of rock flowers, or even different kinds of rock flowers in a larger pot, or each plant can be grown in a small pot. The basin soil should be loose and breathable, with good drainage and coarse granularity. Available humus soil 2, coarse river sand or vermiculite 3 mixed preparation, mixed with a small amount of bone powder as a base fertilizer and bactericidal spirit, methyl tobutin and other bactericidal drugs.Also can use red jade soil, fairy soil and other artificial synthetic materials planted, the effect is very good, but the production cost is higher.

Sewage sludge

In the ecdysis period of Conophytum vanzylii, at this time should stop fertilization, watering control, so that the original old skin as soon as possible dry. Some people like in the plant began to have signs of peeling off the old skin by hand, let the inside of the small plants as soon as possible to see the sun, in order to facilitate growth and development, make its short, strong and stocky, but inexperienced growers peeling will hurt the young Conophytum vanzylii, should be careful operation. At the end of the basic peeling and then top dressing a compound fertilizer, so that its growth is robust.

Watering time is generally in the evening or early morning when the temperature is lower, do not water in the daytime when the temperature is higher, so as not to cause damage to the plant due to the sudden decrease in temperature. In cultivation, we should avoid rain, especially long-term rain or rainstorm, otherwise it will cause the top of the plant to break due to excessive water absorption.

Light and soil

Conophytum vanzylii grows slowly or stops completely in high summer temperatures, and is given plenty of light in well-ventilated conditions. Pour a small amount of water when the soil is completely dry. If the soil is not well ventilated and the cultivation environment is not well ventilated, it will also rot the plants. If in the summer ventilation is not good greenhouse cultivation, it is necessary to avoid direct light, and control watering, or even completely cut off water, so that the plant in the dry environment dormancy, through the hot summer.

Entering midsummer should be shaded appropriately to avoid strong light. At the same time, the planting area should be ventilated to reduce its temperature and humidity and provide a safe summer environment for Conophytum Vanzylii as much as possible. It is to be in the summer period cannot move Conophytum vanzylii at will, lest because the small environment changes and influences its safety to spend summer. Do not move the Conophytum vanzylii at will during the summer, so as not to affect its safety due to small environmental changes in the summer.

Autumn, with its cool temperature and large temperature difference between day and night, is the main growing season of Conophytum vanzylii and the flowering season of Conophytum vanzylii, which requires plenty of sunshine.If not enough light, the plant will grow empty, fleshy leaves become thin and tall, the top of the pattern is not obvious, and difficult to flower. Watering master "don't do not pour, pouring is pouring through" principle. Apply decaying thin liquid fertilizer every 20 days or a small amount of compound fertilizer with low nitrogen and high phosphorus and potassium can be placed in the soil for slow absorption.

Conophytum vanzylii

The propagation of Conophytum Vanzylii

Conophytum vanzylii often propagates in separate plants.

Each spring Conophytum Vanzylii grows new fleshy leaves through a gap in the middle, bursting old leaves open and shriveling them to death. The new leaves grow rapidly, and in summer they shrivel and crack, and grow 2~3 young new plants from the cracks, and the young plants can be divided.

Disease control of Conophytum vanzylii

Conophytum vanzylii is mainly caused by leaf spot and leaf rot, which can be sprayed with 65% Dexin Zinc WP 600 times liquid.

Conophytum vanzylii insect pests have the damage of ants, root-knot nematodes and root mealybug. The soil exchange method can be used to reduce the damage of nematodes and root mealybug, and the roots can also be irrigated with avermectin. Prevent ant, usable cover basin to lie between water to conserve, make ant climbs less than tender and succulent globular leaf.

The distribution of Conophytum vanzylii

Conophytum vanzylii is native to fissures or gravel beds in arid areas of southern Africa and south-west Africa.

Conophytum vanzylii is native to southern Africa, South Africa, Namibia and other extremely arid desert gravel zones with little rain, now can be cultivated in many places in the world.

Conophytum vanzylii's role and use

Ornamental effect

Conophytum vanzylii is a unique and colorful ornamental plant. When in bloom, the flowers cover almost the whole plant. They open in the afternoon and close in the evening. They are brightly colored and very beautiful.

Potted role

Conophytum Vanzylii can be placed next to the TV or computer to absorb radiation, or planted indoors to absorb substances such as formaldehyde and clean the air.

Conophytum vanzylii