Caralluma hesperidum profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 24 2021

Caralluma hesperidum profile

Caralluma Hesperidum is a member of the genus Buffalopyrum in the family Euphrasiaceae, found in North Africa, the Mediterranean region, and the island of Socotra in southern Yemen. The Caralluma Hesperidum flowers are attractive to flies. Caralluma Hesperidum is a perennial fleshy herbs, grayish green plants with purple-brown markings. Caralluma Hesperidum looks hard, but it feels soft. The plant is low, much branched, with deep maroon star-shaped flowers, the flowers smell, and will attract flies, so very few people are breeding.

Caralluma hesperidum picture 

Caralluma hesperidum

Morphological characteristics of Caralluma hesperidum

Caralluma hesperidum is a fleshy perennial herb. caralluma hesperidum is grayish green with purple-brown markings, undulating edges and dentate protuberance. It looks hard, but it feels soft. Caralluma Hesperidum is low, much branched, open deep maroon star-shaped flowers, flowers star-shaped, deep maroon, white thick hair, flowers smell, will attract flies.

Ecological habits of Caralluma hesperidum

Caralluma hesperidum likes warm, dry and sunny environments. Caralluma Hesperidum is not cold resistant, and is resistant to high temperature and drought. The soil should be loose, fertile and well drained sandy loam. The suitable temperature for growth is 18-25 degrees, not less than 12 degrees in winter, too low temperature skin will show purple.

Caralluma Hesperidum propagation methods

Caralluma Hesperidum is commonly propagated by cuttings and sowing.

Caralluma hesperidum

Distribution of Caralluma Hesperidum

Caralluma Hesperidum is native to southwest Africa.

Caralluma Hesperidum is found in North Africa, the Mediterranean region, and Socotra in southern Yemen.

Caralluma Hesperidum main value

Caralluma hesperidum is a tiny, fleshy plant with a dragon's horn-like stem and a curious star-shaped flower. Potted put desk, desk or rich ancient wear, appear very elegant of primitive simplicity, be like a life "small place".

Caralluma hesperidum