Aeonium domesticum profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 22 2021

Aeonium domesticum profile

Aeonium domesticum is a succulent plant in the family Chrysanthemum, native to the Atlantic Islands, North Africa and the Mediterranean coast, beautiful leaves, can be ornamental, and also can purify the air.

Aeonium domesticum picture

Aeonium domesticum

The distribution area of Aeonium domesticum

Aeonium domesticum was originally grown in the Atlantic Islands, North Africa and the Mediterranean. It is now domesticated in many places in China.

Morphological characteristics of Aeonium domesticum

Aeonium domesticum is a scrubby succulent plant with deciduous stems, semi-lignified aerial roots, spatulate leaves beautifully colored as the name indicates, green leaves showing yellow patches in the center. The macula may disappear, or it may be completely macula (all yellow), and there are too many determinants to control.

Aeonium domesticum is a thin-leaved lotus domesticum succulent plant belonging to the "winter type" succulent plant. Panicle, yellow flowers.

Aeonium domesticum ecological habits

Aeonium domesticum was originally domesticated in the ocean island region and so liked warm winters and cool summers.

Aeonium domesticum belongs to the "winter type". Most species have dormancy habits in summer, and the bottom leaves will fall off during dormancy in summer, which is a normal phenomenon and can grow sustainably in winter.

Dormancy is obvious in summer, the leaves will continue to dry out and fall, spring flowers.

Aeonium domesticum

The growing methods of Aeonium domesticum

Aeonium domesticum was a winter plant that was dormant in summer and showed signs of leaf shedding. In summer, aeonium domesticum was placed in a cool and ventilated place with adequate shade and showed renewed vitality when the weather was cool. Aeonium domesticum grew rapidly and its stems were easily lignified, and its growth was more apparent in spring and autumn.

When the temperature is too high in summer, we must increase ventilation and try to maintain a ventilated and cool environment. Summer dormancy must be shaded. New branches of Aeonium domesticum will sprout from among the existing leaves, shedding the dry ones at the bottom as they grow new ones. Branches of Aeonium domesticum are easily lignified and grow quickly, especially in spring and autumn. Aeonium domesticum is more suitable for planting alone, single basin modeling is a good choice.

Aeonium domesticum propagation method

Aeonium domesticum mostly used sowing, cutting and bud planting. Mainly to cuttage, a small insert into the soil can take root. But when the leaves are inserted, because the leaves are thin, not easy to survive, should not be used.

Aeonium domesticum domesticum propagates well because of its high survival rate and Aeonium domesticum showed good branching, although leaf domesticum did not survive well because of its thinner leaves.

Aeonium domesticum main value

Aeonium domesticum showed good leaf shape and color and showed some ornamental value. Potted Aeonium domesticum can be placed in the TV, computer, can absorb radiation, and can also be planted in the room to absorb formaldehyde and other substances, purifying the air.
Aeonium domesticum