3 flowers growing indoors

Written by Maggie

Oct 22 2021

3 flowers growing indoors

Growing flowers indoors can not only beautify the family environment, but also edify people's sentiment. But not all flowers can be suitable for home growing. There is a certain exquisite oh! What kind of flowers should I keep in my home? What should we pay attention to when growing flowers indoors? Together, let's see the flowers for growing indoors.

3 flowers growing indoors

Growing Aloe vera indoors

A aloe characteristics: for the monocaila family perennial herbaceous plants, evergreen leaves, thick juicy, long acuminate leaves, drought resistance, like light, very suitable for growing at home.

Indoor Aloe growing value:

Beauty skin care: family pot aloe, not only can beautify the bedroom, but also can be picked at any time, get the freshest aloe leaf, for family health use. Some people say that growing a few pots of aloe in the home is equivalent to hiring a resident "private doctor". This statement, though somewhat exaggerated, is not entirely unreasonable. Aloe is no longer used as medicine to cure a disease, still be used at hairdressing skin care, only use fresh aloe can get the best result.

Ornamental value: aloe vera has high ornamental value. Aloe vera flower period is short, but the color is also very beautiful, very popular. Small pot plants can be placed on a desk, and large plants can be placed in the garden, and other succulent plants to match, forming a unique natural landscape, interesting. In winter, the hall can be moved for indoor furnishings.

Air purification: aloe vera not only during the day for photosynthesis, release oxygen, but also at night can absorb indoor carbon dioxide, purify indoor air. Aloe vera can also effectively remove formaldehyde in the air. Growing a few plants of aloe vera is equivalent to installing several sets of "biological air freshener" in the home, which purifies the living room environment all the time. When the harmful gases in the air such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde in a high level for a long time, and aloe vera has been unable to completely remove absorption, will appear in the leaves of the spot, alarm you quickly take corresponding measures to avoid harmful gases on human health.   

Food value: soup, stir-fry, nutrition is particularly rich, but a reminder is that aloe vera will be toxic to eat more, so to eat in moderation.

3 flowers growing indoors

Growing Spider plant indoors

First, the characteristics of Spider plant: native to South Africa, belongs to the family Liliaceae, it has strong adaptability, drought resistance, cold resistance, warm and humid, suitable for growth in loose, fertile, well-drained soil. Spider plant is one of the most traditional room hanging plants. It leaves long and thin soft, from the axil of the pull out of the Diandian stem has a small plant, from the basin along the sag, stretch scattered hanging, like flowers, evergreen four seasons.

The role of indoor growing of Spider plant

Purify the environment: Spider plant is not only an excellent hanging leaf watching plant in the room, but also a good indoor air purification flower, it has a strong function of absorbing toxic gases, can purify carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and other toxic gases. General rooms keep 1~2 pots of Spider plant, toxic gases in the air can be absorbed, so Spider plant also has the reputation of "green purifier". 

2. Ornamental value: Spider plant is often hung in the air by people, and is known as the "fairy in the air". The leaves of the plant are slender, emerald green is like washing, hang down by the basin along the stolon with different length to the outside, each stem end and is born with large and small new strain, graceful ground flutter in the air, be like butterfly light dance, be like fireworks 4 overflowing, let a person aftertaste endless.         

3. Medicinal value: the whole plant can be used for medicinal purposes. It has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, moistening the lung, reducing swelling and dispersive blood stasis. Spider plants can mainly treat cough, hoarseness, bruise, toothache and so on.

3 flowers growing indoors

Growing Moth orchids indoors

Features of Moth orchids: Moth orchids is a famous cut flower species, belonging to more than 50 species. Flowers graceful, elegant and diverse, the shape of flowers like butterflies named, in the world widely cultivated, can be viewed all the year round flowers. It is also very suitable for family cultivation.

Indoor growing value of Moth orchids

Beautify the home; Moth orchids are the most beautiful flowers in the flower, there is no doubt is using it to decorate a household, its beauty can trump any flowers. Moth orchids growing at home is how beautiful and angry you can imagine. At the same time, it can purify the household, absorption of exhaust gas in the air, and then release the oxygen, we need to achieve the effect of a kind of take a breath.

Pass on the family; Moth orchids have many interesting connotations. For example, the flower phrase of Moth orchids is I love you. If a boy or a girl sends a Moth orchids to you, it is enough to reflect the meaning they want to express.

3. It serves as a standard for household air quality. Ventilation is the key to a good Moth orchid, but to avoid dry-hot wind blowing, the northern winter planting can't put it on the radiator or straight to air conditioning wind blowing. Therefore, it can be farmed out of the beautiful Moth orchids, the household environment there, the better, more to adapt to the people. In addition, the moth orchid has a roll of hearts, knots, and can bring good luck for the family.
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