4 flowers growing in spring

Written by Maggie

Jan 15 2021

4 flowers growing in spring

In spring, we can grow China rose, Natal lily, Multiflora rose and Garden geranium. China rose temperature and soil requirements are not high, suitable for 15 ~ 26℃ growth; As an ornamental flower, the optimum growth temperature is 18 ~ 28℃. China rose  is often used as a cut flower, with a suitable growth temperature of 15 ~ 20℃; Garden geranium likes dry environment, grows at a suitable temperature in 15 ~ 20℃. Now let's see these 4 flowers growing in spring.

4 flowers growing in spring

1. Growing Chinese rose in spring

Many people do not know what flowers to grow in spring. In spring, it is suitable to grow  Chinese roses. It does not require high temperature and soil, and is suitable for growing at 15 ~ 26℃. It has varieties of pink, yellow, red, white and mixed colors. Its flowering period is from August to April of the next year.

2. Growing Natal lily in spring

The most suitable temperature for Natal lily growth is 18 ~ 28℃, which is suitable for growing in spring. Generally, Natal lily blooms once a year with a flowering period of 30 ~ 50 days. Natal lily has the function of absorbing dust and carbon dioxide, and is an environment-friendly flower.

3. Growing Multiflora rose in spring

Multiflora rose is a variety of vine rose, belonging to a vine climbing flower, often used as cut flowers, suitable growth temperature 15 ~ 20℃, and is suitable to grow in spring. Multiflora rose blooms once a year, flowering period in April to September. Multiflora rose flowers have yellow, white, pink color, rose can be used for medicinal purposes, porridge made of rose nutritional value is high.

4. Growing Garden geranium in spring

Garden geranium was originally produced in southern Africa, belonging to ornamental flowers. Garden geranium likes a dry environment, grows at an appropriate temperature, is in 15 ~ 20℃, flowering period May ~ July, and suits to be grown in spring. Garden geranium is the tonic of the nervous system, can affect adrenal cortex, relieve pressure.

4 flowers growing in spring