How to grow strawberry indoor

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Nov 01 2021

How to grow strawberry indoor

When growing strawberries indoors, we need to put indoor strawberries on the balcony, windowsill, the place that has sunshine to the south. Keep the soil moist all the time, and apply nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer to indoor strawberries in a timely manner. In the process of growth every year in the spring, indoor strawberry needs appropriate fruit pruning, which is conducive to indoor strawberry growth. It is also necessary to keep the temperature above 10℃ in winter to keep warm for indoor strawberries.

1. Choose the container for growing strawberry indoor

The size of the container for indoor growing strawberry can be determined according to the number of plants planted in each pot. Generally, the diameter is 25~35cm and the depth is about 30cm.

grow strawberry indoor

2. strawberry Variety selection to grow indoor

Strawberries are generally grown indoors, with four seasons, so it is convenient for people to grow them, and they can blossom many times a year.

grow strawberry indoor

3. Prepare the soil for growing strawberry indoor

Potted strawberry has two kinds of soilless culture and soilless culture.

Soilless cultivation of the substrate components are vermiculite, peat, perlite, coconut bran, peat, decrepit mushroom residue and sawdust, two or three of them in accordance with a certain proportion of the preparation together, mixed with a small amount of decrepit cake fertilizer, chicken manure, fully mixed, with strawberry special nutrient solution formula for fertilization can be irrigated. (Find more Winter Fruit here.)

Soil cultivation refers to selecting sandy soil with high humus content and good air permeability, and then mixing organic fertilizer and a small amount of compound fertilizer for cultivation.Soilless cultivation is relatively clean and hygienic, but the prepared nutrient soil needs to be disinfected with 0.3% potassium permanganate aqueous solution.

grow strawberry indoor

4. Select seedling of strawberry to grow indoor

Fro growing strawberry indoors, plant seedlings should choose the current year stolon seedlings, no diseases and pests, fibrous roots developed, white absorption roots, full terminal bud, with 3~5 leaves, short and thick petioles, single plant weight 25g medium size robust seedlings.

grow strawberry indoor

5. Strawberry indoor growing methods

Before growing strawberry indoors, the survival rate of strawberry planting can be improved by dipping the root powder in the root. If conditions permit, the root powder combined with biological fertilizer and fungicides dipped in the root, the effect is better, but also can prevent the early stage of planting disease may appear.

Planting depth to "not buried on the heart, not exposed root" for the principle, the soil is solid, the seedling position fixed. The soil in the basin should not be too full in order to facilitate soil cultivation in the later period. It is advisable to keep the nutritive soil level about 3 cm away from the basin mouth.

grow strawberry indoor

6. Fertilizer and water for growing strawberry indoor

Strawberry has a higher requirement for fertilizer and water, especially for four-season strawberries, which constantly form flower buds, blossom and bear in a year, so it needs to increase fertilization water for many times to meet the needs. Strawberry fertilization to a small amount of frequent application, so as not to a concentration of high root fever. Generally use 0.1%~0.3% urea solution or 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution topdressing, spraying and watering can be, once every 7~10 days. If it is a compound fertilizer, the average use of about 10 seeds per plant.

In the outdoor potted leaves prone to water wilting, need to water 1 time sooner or later, often keep the soil moist. Summer day is hot, flowerpot is not placed directly in the sun insolation, appropriate placed in ventilated and dry place, noon still should add water, but do not use the well water with low water temperature or tap water irrigation.

7. Growing strawberry indoor care

(1) Remove stolons. Stolons and don't be a big demand for nutrients in the soil, grow new stolons if not removed and remain in strawberry plants absorb nutrients in the soil will be endless, lead to an important part of strawberry on because there is no source of nutrients and dry up and in a timely manner to new smoke of stolons removed to reduce its intake to fatten ensure the quality of the growth of strawberry.

(2) Remove old and diseased leaves. Strawberry leaves are constantly renewed, some old leaves and diseased leaves will affect the normal growth of strawberries, so it is necessary to timely prune old leaves and diseased leaves.

(3) Thinning flowers and fruits. In the strawberry into the fruit period should pay attention to thin fruit, deformed fruit, avoid rotten fruit to stay above the quality of the fruit.

(4) Frame fruit shape. That is, make different shape of the fruit rack with iron wire or bamboo stick, put into the flowerpot will ear set up, make ear ventilated and transparent, fruit coloring is uniform, prevent soil pollution of fruit, reduce the harm of diseases and insects. At the same time, you can also use the stolon for artistic modeling, improve the ornamental value.

(5) Pest control. Potted strawberry diseases and insect pests generally occur less or light, usually strengthen ventilation and light, timely cleaning residual branches, old leaves, weeds, disinfected plants and other prevention. Insect pest mainly is aphid, prevent and cure with imidacloprid can.

grow strawberry indoor

8. Change soil for growing strawberry indoor

Since the roots of strawberries move upward each year, a layer of soil must be added to the pot to ensure that the new stems can adapt to the environment, but the hearts of the plants must be exposed. If conditional, change basin around autumn after spring result, new nutritive soil should be added in new basin. Earth-changing potting mainly plays the role of renewal and rejuvenation.

grow strawberry indoor

9. Growing strawberry indoor care in winter

Strawberries grown in winter should not be placed outside, even if there is sunshine outside, it is best not to be placed outside for irradiation, it will be transplanted in the indoor place with sunlight in order to facilitate its demand for sunlight. In severe winter, plastic film can also be used for insulation.

grow strawberry indoor

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