How to grow flowers indoors

Written by Maggie

Oct 22 2021

How to grow flowers indoors

When growing the flowers in doors, it is better to put flowers near the door, windows and some places with a good light.  According to the different requirements of flowers,  topdressing fertilizer. And if suffered from diseases and pests, improve the environment and ventilation, and control the disease by spraying diseased leaves.

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1. Find the Right Flowers for Indoor Gardening

When choosing which flowers to grow indoors, consider how you care the flowers. If you take frequent vacations, you will find that you only need to water your plants once a week or less. However, if your gardening hobby is the top priority, then you may be able to take care of more high-maintenance flowers. Discuss your expectations and current indoor environment with a gardening expert, and he will point you in the direction of growing flowers indoors  that suit your lifestyle and illuminate your home.

2. Choose a good position for growing flowers indoors

When growing flowers indoors, it is the flower that mostly bears shade, but it's also better to put them in the place with better light such as balcony, roof, door window, which can make the branch of flowers undertake differentiation ceaselessly, and let flowers open more flowers in flowering period. But in summer, we need to move flowers  to conserve shady places.

3. Water properly for growing flowers indoors

When growing flowers indoors, watering is a very important step. Usually, each flower has different water requirements. Indoor flowers need not worry about being wet by rain, but can master the principle of "no watering, no watering, no watering".

4. Apply fertilizer rationally for growing flowers indoors

Each kind of flower has different demand for nutrients, so it is generally necessary to timely apply nutrients to indoor flowers. If indoor flowers cannot produce flowers, a lot of nitrogen fertilizer can be applied. When indoor flowers grow slowly, a lot of phosphorus fertilizer can be applied. Diseases and insect pests can be applied to potash fertilizer to make them grow better.

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5. Disease and insect pest control for growing flowers indoors

In the process of indoor flower breeding, it is easy to suffer from to starscream, aphids, leaf disease, such as the harm of diseases and pests. Usually we need to keep the environment ventilation, which can reduce the harm of diseases and pests. When suffering from diseases and pests, apply timely treatment to disease branches, leaf, and then spraying chlorothalonil mite, dichlorvos, power, etc. It is good to control.

6. Sow and reproduce for growing flowers indoors

If you need grow flowers indoors, you can buy potted plants directly. In fact, you can also buy some excellent seeds. After accelerating the germination of the seeds with sand and soil, you can plant them in the soil suitable for their own growth, and then wait for the seeds to take root and germinate.

how to grow flowers indoors

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