Indoor vertical garden ideas

Written by Joy

Oct 22 2021

Indoor vertical garden ideas
If you have plenty of space, you can challenge indoor vertical gardening, which allows you to grow more plants in a limited space. You can use your imagination to your fullest. The passage as follows is mainly about indoor vertical garden ideas.

1. Vertical tray planting

You can use discarded trays and turn them into vertical indoor potted gardens. It is very suitable for growing some indoor herb plants. You can plant different types on each layer, such as thyme, rosemary, basil, and perilla. This not only saves space, but also It can make the surroundings more fragrant.

2. DIY shelf

You don't have to buy a very expensive solution. You can use rope and some wooden boards to make a very beautiful hanging pot. Of course, this is to test your hands-on ability. The plants above such as bird's nest fern, duck foot wood and Boston fern are very shade-tolerant indoor vertical plants.

3. Hang plastic bottles

You could cut off the lower part of the plastic bottle, put a colorful rope, and then plant a variety of cactus and prickly pear. If your prickly pear has more reproduction, you can try it, such as the red peonies, silver fingers and longsheng balls above.

4. Glass jar vegetable garden

Those glass jars that are ready to be used up can be creatively turned into vanilla houseplant pots. They are suitable for planting very small plants. Because they are sealed jars, a layer of granular soil should be laid on the bottom. The upper soil is recommended Peat soil is matched with river sand. This is very suitable for indoor vertical gardening.
indoor vertical garden

5. Tray support

The tray here is completely disassembled and turned into a flower pot holder. This idea is very good. If you put a flower holder on the balcony, the space will become smaller, but you can make a holder directly on the wall and the flower pot will be directly. Hanging on it saves space and can also form an indoor vertical garden.

6. Vertical wooden flower stand

A few old wooden boards have become flower stands, and some simple indoor vertical potted plants are hung. They also look very simple. You can set the creativity directly on the wall. You can change the material according to your needs to decorate your indoor vertical garden.

7. Hanging pots

Combining ropes and pots to form an indoor vertical garden in the sky, hung on the side of the fence. This is a very simple idea with good viewing and general practicability.

8. Iron grid torus

These toruses woven with iron electrodes look very retro, of course, they can also be replaced with wood. This kind of creativity is worth trying in your indoor vertical garden. It can save space and bring you different fun.

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