Why Are My String Of Dolphins Having Flat Leaves?

Written by Ivy

Jan 06 2022

Why Are My String Of Dolphins Having Flat Leaves?
As we all know, the most beautiful state of string of dolphins is its young dolphins, whose leaves will become plump and lovely after absorbing nutrition. However, many friends reported that flat leaves often appear in their own string of dolphin. So what can we do to reduce the flat leaves of string of dolphin? String of dolphin plants are short and do not need too much water to moisten them. Many times string of dolphin flat leaves occur because of watering or sunshine.

Improper Sunlight

Why Are My String Of Dolphins Having Flat Leaves
String of dolphins cannot grow without light. As long as there is enough light and there are many synthetic nutrients, the natural leaves will be full and round. The light is weak in autumn and winter. string of dolphin can be maintained in the open air without fear of direct sunlight. If we expose string of dolphin in the hot sun in summer, fleshy leaves will produce flat leaves. If the light is too strong, fleshy leaves are also easy to get sunburn. For flat leaves caused by too much light, we need to move the potted plants to a cool and ventilated place. Don't directly bask in the sun in summer, and maintain them in full sunlight in other seasons.
When we take care of string of dolphin, we must put it in a sunny environment. This plant likes a semi cloudy environment and can't accept strong light. Otherwise, string of Dolphin will produce flat leaves and die in serious cases. The windowsill and balcony with sufficient scattered light conditions at home are the best choice for placing breeding string of dolphin.

Too Much Water

Succulent plants are prone to root rot when the pot soil is hardened and excessive ponding. For fleshy plants with rotten roots, because the root system cannot continue to transport water and nutrients to the leaf disc, the nutrient supply is cut off, and the leaf disc cannot normally obtain water and nutrients. Flat leaves will also appear over a long period of time.
Why Are My String Of Dolphins Having Flat Leaves

Lack of Watering

String of dolphin although frequent watering is easy to grow, fade and rot roots, excessive water control can not produce a full state! Generally, it needs to be watered 2-3 times a month. Under the condition of long-term drought and water shortage, the consumption of succulent plants is serious, and flat leaves will also appear. In the case of no damage to the root system, it can generally return to the original state after watering.
When taking care of string of dolphins, we must water reasonably. The leaves of string of dolphin are fleshy. String of dolphin itself has high water content and strong drought resistance. We can't water too frequently at ordinary times, and we can't put a tray at the bottom of the flowerpot, which will not cause the root of string of dolphin to rot due to hypoxia. Under normal circumstances, we can water string of dolphin every five to seven days to prevent flat leaves of succulent plants.