How To Propagate String Of Dolphins From Stem Cuttings?

Written by Ivy

Jan 06 2022

How To Propagate String Of Dolphins From Stem Cuttings?
String of dolphin plants are very cute Succulent plants. Friends who have taken care of string of dolphins should know that the leaves of string of dolphins are like a jumping little dolphin, so they are loved by many friends. String of dolphin usually propagates with stem cuttings, because it is difficult for leaf cuttings to take root and germinate. Today, let's introduce the steps of string of dolphin from stem cuttings. Let's learn the process of propagating string of dolphin from stem cuttings.

When to Propagate String of Dolphins

Propagating string of dolphin from stem cuttings can be carried out in spring or autumn. It is recommended that cutting in spring is more appropriate. After all, spring is the growing season of string of dolphin, and the cutting survival rate is high. It is generally carried out from March to April in spring. We can choose a sunny day.

String of Dolphin Branch Selection

For the cuttings of string of dolphins, in order to improve the survival rate, the strong branches should be selected from the plants of string of dolphin, and the thin or diseased branches should be avoided, which will reduce the survival rate. After selecting the branches, you can directly cut them off with an art knife. In the process of cutting the branches, avoid damaging the string of dolphin plants. In addition, the incision should be kept flat.
How To Propagate String Of Dolphins From Stem Cuttings

String of Ddolphin Branch Handling

After the branches of String of Dolphins are cut off, the length of the branches can be controlled at 5-10cm. In addition, 1-2 pairs of leaves at the bottom of the branches can be removed, mainly leaving stems for later branch insertion. After the branches are treated, do not rush to cut. First put the branches in a ventilated and cool place and let the cut of the branches dry to prevent infection and decay after cutting.

Basin Soil Selection

String of dolphin pots are made of plastic material. Loose sandy soil can be used as the soil for branch cutting. The sandy soil is breathable and permeable to avoid ponding after cutting, resulting in branch rot. When the soil and the pot are ready, you can put the soil into the pot first, and keep the soil surface flat and moist at the same time.

Stem Cuttings Propagation in Soil

After the soil is loaded into the Flower pot, we can first poke several holes on the soil surface with a toothpick. If the hole is relatively small, we can shake the toothpick when poke the hole, so that the hole will become larger. Then we can directly insert the string of dolphin branch into the hole, and the insertion depth is 2-3cm. One branch can be inserted into a seedling pit. Other branches are similar. After all string of dolphin branches are inserted, water and moisturize them. Then patiently wait for the branches to take root and sprout.

Care After Propagating String Of Dolphins

After cutting, we can put the String Of Dolphins cutting basin in a ventilated and cool place. Don't put it under direct light to avoid sunburn. After the branch of string of dolphin is inserted, the soil moisture is more important and the soil cannot be dried. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the soil dryness and timely water and moisturize the soil according to the actual situation of the soil. After the string of dolphin cuttings are inserted, the branches will take root in about 20-30 days. When the string of dolphin cuttings take root, they can give enough light to help the branches grow rapidly.
  • Light
String of dolphin prefers light. If the light is insufficient and the growth is not good, overgrowth may occur. In the growing season of string of dolphin, sufficient light should be given. Sufficient light is conducive to the growth of string of dolphin.
  • Water
String of dolphin likes a cool environment, so we should water it adequately, so the basin soil should be kept wet for a long time. As long as the soil is dry, replenish water in time. In addition, as long as we find that the leaves of string of dolphin are shrinking, it indicates that there is water shortage and we need to supplement water in time.
  • Air Circulation
In summer, the temperature is high and muggy, which is very unfavorable to string of dolphin. Although the temperature is high and muggy, we must find a way to make the environment ventilated well and keep the soil surface slightly dry. Generally, string of dolphin can be placed in a cool place. In addition, we need to open more windows for ventilation.
  • Fertilizer
In order to ensure the growth nutrients of string of dolphin, we need to provide a certain amount of nutrients in its growing season. We can give thin fertilizer solution every 20 days. The fertilization time is appropriate in the morning. During the fertilization process, we should avoid applying fertilizer solution to the leaves. Do not fertilize during dormancy.