How To Save My Overwatered String Of Dolphins?

Written by Ivy

Jan 07 2022

How To Save My Overwatered String Of Dolphins?
As we all know, string of dolphins is a kind of plant that likes dry and sunny environment. What we fear most is humidity and lack of ventilation. However, sometimes we often water string of dolphin too much when we don't pay attention, resulting in the basin soil of string of dolphin being too wet. What should we do in such a situation?

Signs You Have Overwatered Your String Of Dolphins

  • Soil is Too Wet
  • Flat Leaves
  • Root Rot

How To Save It

Evaporate Excess Water

If we water string of dolphins, we inadvertently pour too much, but the amount is not particularly serious, but a little more, but it is not easy to evaporate. In this case, we can take string of dolphin to a warm and ventilated place to let the water evaporate quickly. It's spring now. If the climate is dry, we can directly put string of dolphin in the open air and let it receive sufficient light and ventilation. In this way, the water in the basin soil of string of Dolphins will soon evaporate, which will not affect the growth of string of dolphin, nor lead to string of dolphins overgrowth, rotten roots and other phenomena.
How To Save My Overwatered String Of Dolphins

Loosen Soil

We usually put the paving stone on the string of dolphin. Below it will be the soil mixed with granular soil, peat soil or nutrient soil. When watering more, we can take down the paving stone, and then use a toothpick to make a hole in the mixed soil under the paving stone. It is to pierce the soil with toothpicks one by one, and let the water evaporate through this vent. In this way, it is also easy to evaporate the excess water in the basin soil of string of dolphin, which will not cause various phenomena such as rotten roots and black rot of string of dolphins.

Change The Soil

Sometimes we water string of dolphin too much. Using the first two methods, it is difficult to remove water. Especially in humid areas, water evaporation is very slow, because even if the temperature is very high, the air humidity and soil humidity in humid areas are high. In this case, it is very easy to cause string of dolphin black rot water, Rotten roots and other phenomena.

Remove Succulent And Lay It Out To Dry

If we are faced with watering string of dolphin in humid areas, we can take off all the original soil of string of dolphin in spring. After taking off, we can dry the roots first, and then replace them with relatively dry soil for replanting. In humid areas, we can add more particles when preparing soil for string of dolphin, Particles generally account for 70% of the basin soil. If they are less, the water evaporation in humid areas is slow, and it is easy to accumulate water after watering.
Although there is a way to save string of dolphin by watering too much, watering string of dolphin too much will not only cause black rot of string of dolphin Chemical water Rotten roots. Sometimes, watering string of dolphin too much does not have much impact on the growth of string of dolphin, but string of Dolphin will grow very fast, grow very green and lose its original color and state. Therefore, when we usually water string of dolphin, we should decide according to the climatic conditions.
When it is dry in spring, water string of dolphin once a week. When it is wet and hot in summer, water needs to be cut off. The maintenance methods in autumn and spring are basically the same. When it is dry, water string of dolphin once. Water should also be controlled in wet areas, In winter, the areas with indoor heating in the north can normally water string of dolphins, but pay attention to ventilation. For some areas without heating and with relatively low temperature, we should also control the water of string of dolphins in winter, otherwise the low-temperature water will easily rot.