How Much Light Does String of Dolphins Need?

Written by Ivy

Jan 07 2022

How Much Light Does String of Dolphins Need?
As string of dolphins begins to enter thousands of households, many friends don't know whether the string of dolphins should be exposed to the sun or not? In fact, string of dolphins need at least six hours of sunlight a day. However, the lighting needs of string of dolphins are different in different seasons, so the lighting we give should also be different. So how should we manage the lighting when maintaining string of dolphins!
First of all, we all know that string of dolphins likes light very much. Only under sufficient light conditions can string of dolphins grow full and lovely. If there is insufficient light or long-term shading, string of Dolphins will grow in vain! So it is very important that we can put the string of dolphins in a place with sufficient light!
Generally, in spring and autumn, when the weather is cool, the light is not very strong. String of dolphins can receive light all day without any shading measures. At this time, the light will not sunburn string of dolphins, so you can rest assured.
How Much Light Does String of Dolphins Need
However, once we enter the hot summer, we need to take some shading measures. Generally, after the summer officially enters in the middle and late June, the light is getting stronger and higher, and the temperature is getting higher and higher. At this time, string of dolphins enters the dormancy period. Some improper maintenance can easily cause the black rotten roots of string of dolphins. In order to make string of dolphins spend the summer successfully. It is very necessary to set up a shading net. In summer, we pay more attention to the selection of shading net. If we choose the one with the best shading effect, it is likely to cause the overgrowth of string of dolphins. However, if the shading effect is not good, it is easy to sunburn string of dolphins, and we can't blindly shade. We still need to see the sun sooner or later, Otherwise, although string of dolphins is in dormancy in summer, it still grows slowly.
For indoor maintenance, we can put string of dolphins on a well ventilated balcony and block most of the ultraviolet rays with windows. In this way, even if there is certain light, we will not sunburn string of dolphins, and we can meet its needs, and the light will not cause futility! In fact, the most important thing for indoor maintenance is ventilation. Ventilation can be done well, and then control your watering hands. Even if novices raise string of dolphins, it will not be a problem to survive. At best, it is indoor string of dolphins. The color is not so bright, and more meat is colored, which is the problem that we need to consider when they advance.
If your string of dolphins is on the outdoor balcony, we need to pay more attention to the sun, but for the string of dolphins in indoor maintenance, as long as the indoor temperature is not too high, the sun can be ignored. After all, there is glass to resist ultraviolet rays, which is not easy to sunburn!