When Does String Of Dolphins Flower Bloom?

Written by Ivy

Jan 06 2022

When Does String Of Dolphins Flower Bloom?
String of Dolphins usually blooms in spring and String Of Dolphins will bloom white fuzzy flowers with pink, red, or yellow filaments. When we potted string of dolphins at home, we only need to ensure sufficient scattered light, especially in summer. If we are directly exposed to strong light, it is very easy to dry and turn yellow. The demand for nutrients of string of dolphin is not high. Generally speaking, adding thin compound fertilizer once a month is enough to maintain the growth of string of dolphin. Even if we directly put some slow-release fertilizer in the flowerpot, we can grow more vigorously without adding nutrients to string of dolphin in the later stage.
When Does String Of Dolphins Flower Bloom
The leaves of string of dolphin succulent plants are green and look like cute little dolphins jumping in the air. If the longer the vines of string of dolphin, the more leaves there will be. The leaves look really like little dolphins and are very cute. Once string of dolphin is mature, it will continue to blossom flowers, and the whole plant will become more beautiful and valuable. It is very pleasing to the eye and really cute to put it at home.