How To Save My String Of Dolphins Shriveling?

Written by Ivy

Jan 07 2022

How To Save My String Of Dolphins Shriveling?
In the process of taking care of string of dolphin, there will be many different situations. When we face these different situations, we can easily deal with and solve them, so that we can get beautiful and lovely string of dolphin. String of dolphin shriveling is a very common problem. How to solve it? Now let's talk about this topic.


The blade of string of Dolphins will shrivel due to water shortage. At this time, we will choose to supplement water in time, but we can't water a lot. We should water it gradually, and choose to water it at a time when the temperature is relatively low (watering in the evening). After watering, we should ventilate in time to avoid exposure to the sun. In this way, the shriveling leaves will slowly recover after a period of time. If we water all the time, it may bring a burden to the root system of the plant and affect the absorption function.

Root Rot

It is also possible that the roots may rot due to excessive watering in the past. At this time, the absorption function of string of dolphins has a problem, resulting in no water supply on the top, resulting in string of dolphins shriveling. What should we do in this situation? We need to remove the soil, check whether there is a problem in the root, then repair the root, disinfect it, dry the root and put it in the basin again.
How To Save My String Of Dolphins Shriveling

High Humidity 

String of dolphin has a lot of water, so if the surrounding air humidity is too high, the plants will grow in vain and the leaves will become shriveling. Therefore, you must always control your hands and don't keep the soil too wet for a long time. At the same time, because the water-saving components volatilize slowly in autumn and winter, don't spray water mist on the leaves to avoid damaging the protective layer above, Let all kinds of diseases and pests take advantage of it.

New Repotting

If String of dolphins, which has just been in the pot, has not adapted to the new growth environment, and its leaves will shrivel. The main reason is that the root system has not taken the pot yet and can not absorb the nutrients in the soil. It can only be consumed from the nutrients stored by itself. The leaves that have been consumed will naturally wither. If this is the case, you don't have to pay attention to it, let it fall naturally, and you don't need to pick off the shriveling leaf. This is just to speed up the nutrient consumption of another leaf. If you can grow new roots in time, just a little shriveling leaves can restore fullness!
If the above situation leading to string of dolphin shriveling does not happen, we need to carefully check the health status of the root system. Once string of dolphin shows signs of blackening and water melting, we need to quickly remove the pot, clean up the root system, trim the decaying water on it, and soak it in carbendazim or potassium permanganate aqueous solution for about 20 minutes, Kill the bacteria or insect eggs carried on it. In this way, it is very easy to survive after semi drying in the shade and transplanting to a new soil environment.