What Is The Best Soil For Nerve Plant?

Written by Ivy

Dec 27 2021

What Is The Best Soil For Nerve Plant?
Nerve Plant has certain requirements for soil. Nerve Plant loves peat based soil. We also need to ensure that it is breathable, loose and rich in organic matter. During cultivation, it can be mixed with river sand, rotten leaf soil and peat soil. Or use peat moss, fine snake sawdust and river sand to meet the demand. Note that the self prepared neve plan soil must be disinfected before use to avoid insect eggs and easy to be infected with insects.

Selection of Flowerpots and Soil for Planting Nerve Plant

When selecting the flowerpots for planting Nerve Plant, we should consciously select the flowerpots with relatively shallow depth. It is best to pad the waterproof layer on the bottom of the flowerpot, so as to make its drainage performance better. After preparing the flowerpot, we will prepare the nerve plan soil. Nerve plan soil can be prepared by ourselves. It should have good drainage performance and sufficient fertility. In order to achieve this effect, we usually mix peat soil, rotten leaf soil and river sand.
What Is The Best Soil For Nerve Plant?

How Does the Nerve Plant Mount the Basin?

After these are prepared, you can put the cuttings of nerve plant into the pot. When transplanting, be careful not to damage the roots of Nerve Plant. It is easy to burn roots after touching with fertilizer, so when transplanting Nerve Plant, you must avoid fertilizer. After planting the nerve plant into the soil, water it immediately and thoroughly, so that the roots of the newly transplanted Nerve Plant can be integrated with the new soil, and then normal maintenance can be carried out.

Control of Light and Moisture in Nerve Plant

The leaves of Nerve Plant are delicate. Generally, strong sunlight cannot be directly irradiated on the leaves of Nerve Plant, which will slow the development of leaves and simplify the color of leaves, reducing the ornamental quality of Nerve Plant. Therefore, we should place the Nerve Plant in a place with a certain shade but sufficient light. Nerve Plant can be watered more in spring and summer, and less in winter. Do not accumulate water in the basin, which is easy to cause rotten roots.
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Winter Care at Nerve Plant

In winter, we should control the temperature of the growing environment of the Nerve Plant. If conditions permit, we'd better plant the Nerve Plant indoors. The temperature of the planting environment of the Nerve Plant should not be lower than 13 ° C in winter. If it is lower than this temperature, the Nerve Plant will freeze to death. We should reduce watering this season. The temperature of the water should not be too low. We can use plastic bags to cover the Nerve Plant, which is conducive to thermal insulation, but this low-temperature and humid environment is easy to cause the root rot of the Nerve Plant. We should pay attention to prevention and control and stop the loss in time.

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