How Much Light Does Nerve Plant Need?

Written by Ivy

Dec 27 2021

How Much Light Does Nerve Plant Need?
The plant of Nerve Plant is small and lovely. There are white or red reticulated patterns on the leaves. The flowering period is from September to November. It is often placed next to the indoor window, on the tea table or in the bedroom. It has very high ornamental value and is loved by many people. But what are the lighting requirements of the Nerve Plant when we plant the Nerve Plant? Nerve Plant loves low to medium light. The lighting time of Nerve Plant should be 4 ~ 6 hours of scattered light every day. When the light is insufficient, we can manually increase the light.
How Much Light Does Nerve Plant Need
There are many kinds of Nerve Plant. Nerve Plant is a perennial herb with creeping growth. Its leaves are relatively large and broad, in an oval shape. The color of the leaves is dark green, with a good sense of luster. It is covered with white reticulated lines, which is very clear. Moreover, the plant type of Nerve Plant is also relatively small, which is loved by many people.
As for sunshines, we'd better prepare scattered light for the Nerve Plant. There must be no direct light. In summer, we can set up a shading net, and the shading degree is best between 50% and 60%. In winter, you need plenty of sunshine, a little shade at noon, and auxiliary light when it rains or snows, so as to promote the growth of Nerve Plant stronger and the leaves more bright. Nerve Plant is best planted in soil rich in humus. Where stems and leaves grow densely, many stolon nodes grow adventitious roots.