How To Water Nerve Plant?

Written by Ivy

Dec 27 2021

How To Water Nerve Plant?
We should make Nerve Plants dry out between waterings. Nerve Plant grows fast and consumes more water in the warm season of spring and summer. At this time, water should be poured once every three or five days to moisturize. The growth rate will slow down after cooling in autumn and winter. If you want to reduce the amount of water, you can't water it if it's not dry. Note that there shall be no ponding at any time to avoid rotten roots. We can just pour water along the edge of the flowerpot. The newly planted Nerve Plant can be watered thoroughly to promote the Nerve Plant to serve the basin faster. The Nerve Plants you just bought can't adapt to the new environment. Just moisturize them, and then manage them normally after slowing down.

Water the Nerve Plant in Different Seasons

  • Spring
Spring is a period of vigorous growth of Nerve Plant. It is necessary to keep the basin soil moist. At this time, it is in the growth period and naturally needs enough water. Water can be poured every 2-3 days to ensure that each pouring is thorough, so that the root of nerve plant can fully absorb water. Although more water is required at this time, the water cannot be too much.
  • Summer
Summer is also a relatively vigorous growth stage of Nerve Plant, and the water evaporation is strong. It can evaporate soon after watering. Be sure to keep up with the watering, with an interval of about 1-2 days. In addition to moisturizing the roots, the humidity in the air should also be maintained. Spray water around the nerve plant every day, and the humidity should be maintained at about 70% - 80%.
  • Autumn
Autumn is still in the growth period and still needs a certain amount of water to support growth. The climate in autumn is relatively dry. Watering shall be applied according to the dry and wet conditions of the basin soil. Water shall be supplied after the basin soil is dry, about once a week. Attention should also be paid to the water quantity to avoid a large amount of ponding.
  • Winter
Due to the decrease of temperature in winter, the growth of Nerve Plant is in a slow period. Watering must be dry and wet. It is enough to give water every 10-15 days. When the weather is very dry, spray water on the leaves of Nerve Plant to moisturize.
How To Water Nerve Plant

How Can Prevent the Nerve Plant from Rotting?

There are many varieties of Nerve Plant, and the small ones are very cute. Its root system is very shallow creeping root, so it is easy to rot and die if it is not watered properly.
Because the root system of Nerve Plant is creeping shallow root and perennial herb, the water requirements of Nerve Plant are that it can not be watered with heavy water, ponding or drought. Especially in summer, the temperature is high and the water evaporates quickly. Due to its small size, the basin soil planted by Nerve Plant is relatively small, and the water storage can be easily evaporated. Therefore, the watering frequency in summer is higher than that in autumn and winter, which requires that the watering in summer must be strictly controlled, otherwise it is easy to cause rotten roots and death of Nerve Plant due to improper watering.
In summer, the watering of Nerve Plant shall be based on its root system characteristics and plant characteristics, and neither ponding nor too dry shall be allowed. Generally, keep the soil moist and there is no excess water seepage. If you can't grasp it well, you can water it less every time, and then spray it several times a day. This can ensure that the basin soil does not have much water, but the soil is wet and suitable for its growth.
After watering, Nerve Plant cannot be exposed to the sun for fear of waterlogging. Nerve Plant is a plant that needs shade and maintenance. After watering, it can be placed in a semi shady place with better ventilation. To judge whether the Nerve Plant is short of water, you can weigh the weight of the potted plant by hand. If it is very light, it means it needs watering. Another way is to touch the surface of the basin soil with your fingers. If you feel that the surface of the basin soil is dry, it also indicates that watering is needed.
Another way to solve the problem of watering is hydroponic Nerve Plant. Clean the root soil of the Nerve Plant, and then support the Nerve Plant with a plastic grid or a grid made of fine wires. It is scattered and collapsed, and half of the roots can be kept in the water. It should be noted that the water quality of hydroponic culture must be clean and clear without turbidity. If turbidity is found, change the water in time. To put it simply, it means watering as little as possible every time. It can be combined with water spraying to maintain the soil humidity required for the growth of Nerve Plant. Never ponding.