Four steps of Fittonia Albivenis pruning

Written by Maggie

Oct 19 2021

Four steps of Fittonia Albivenis pruning

When Fittonia Albivenis seedlings commonly grow 3 ~ 4 leaves, we can remove the top of the burgeoning buds. We can also pick a leaf. In the Fittonia Albivenis growth period, we should timely trim off the bud at the top, long blade, which can control Fittonia Albivenis height, make the nutrients in the soil together, and make its luxuriant has ornamental value.

Fittonia Albivenis

1. Pick Fittonia Albivenis heart at seedling stage

Every time after sowing, cutting, plant separation and other methods are used to propagate fittonia Albivenis, when the seedlings of fittonia albivenis need to grow out 3 ~ 4 leaves, remove the bud just germinated on the top, or pick a leaf from it, which can resist the growth of the seedlings of Fittonia Albivenis and promote the germination of excessive buds.

2. Pick Fittonia Albivenis heart in the growth period 

After the growth and colonization, how can Fittonia Albivenis be cored? During the growth process in spring every year, it also needs to be cored in time. The new buds on the top of Fittonia Albivenis and the leaves that grow too long should be pruned in time, which can effectively control the height of Fittonia Albivenis and make its growth more exuberant and more ornamental.

Fittonia Albivenis

3. Trim for Fittonia Albivenis

After the core is removed during the growth process, you can also trim the old leaves of Fittonia Albivenis in time. If the yellow leaves are found, they need to be cut in time, which can also reduce the consumption of soil nutrients and enable them to grow better in the basin and soil.

4. Notes for pruning Fittonia Albivenis

Usually when pruning Fittonia Albivenis, try not to do it on wet or rainy days, otherwise the bacteria in the air will easily infect the wound. The tools used for pruning fittonia Albivenis also need to be sterilized. Each pruning should be done in the midday sun, so that the pruning can make the growth flourish.

Fittonia Albivenis

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