What soil is used to propagate Fittonia Albivenis

Written by Maggie

Oct 19 2021

What soil is used to propagate Fittonia Albivenis

Fittonia Albivenis propagation has a high requirement on the soil, which needs to choose loose and breathable sandy soil. We can use the mixed soil of 1:1:1 peat soil, rotten leaf soil and river sand, or the mixed soil of 2:3:5 peat moss, river sand and fine snake sawdust. Normally, when breeding, sufficient astigmatism should be ensured for 6 hours and the appropriate temperature of 18 ~ 25℃, water once every 3 ~ 5 days and apply thin fertilizer once a month, and control the humidity between 60 ~ 80%.

Fittonia Albivenis

Fittonia Albivenis is propagating in sandy soil

As a popular plant in recent years, fittonia Albivenis is favored by many people for its beautiful plant type. What is the best soil for Fittonia Albivenis propagation? In fact, it needs to grow in soil with good breathable and drainage performance, so sandy soil should be selected for cultivation and maintenance.

Fittonia Albivenis can be prepared by mixing one part peat and one part leaf rot and adding one part breathable and drainage river sand. Alternatively, two parts peat moss, three parts river sand and five parts fine snake sawdust can be mixed and stirred. fittonia albivenis can be planted with sufficient nutrients to make it grow vigorously.

Two main points of Fittonia Albivenis propagation

1. The light temperature is appropriate

Fittonia Albivenis likes moderate intensity of light, and leaves will grow more vigorous and beautiful after receiving enough sunlight. Therefore, it should be guaranteed to have about 6 hours of light, avoid strong light in summer, and its raw temperature should be controlled between 18 ℃ and 25℃, so as to protect Fittonia Albivenis from freezing damage under 12℃.

Fittonia Albivenis

2. Water and fertilizer management

We should also do a good job in water and fertilizer management. Normally, Fittonia Albivenis can be watered once every 3 to 5 days to keep sufficient water. If the air is dry, it should be sprayed with water to keep the humidity of 60 to 80%.

Fittonia Albivenis

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