Causes and solutions of Fittonia Albivenis leaf weakness

Written by Maggie

Oct 19 2021

Causes and solutions of Fittonia Albivenis leaf weakness

Fittonia Albivenis leaves soft could be the result of a lack of sunlight, and we need to enhance light to make the blade back to life. If improper watering, we need to control water quantity,  and cut the roots rotted off. If it lacks nutrients, timely topdressing NPK compound fertilizer. If the plant is frostbite, the temperature should be above 0 ℃, and put it in the sunlight place.


1. Enhance the light for Fittonia Albivenis

Fittonia Albivenis needs to grow in sufficient sunlight. Normally, if there is a lack of light, the leaves of fittonia Albivenis cannot differentiate and thus become soft. At this time, it is necessary to enhance the light curing so that the plants can differentiate in sunlight and the leaves will gradually recover to life, which can also prevent the phenomenon of growing.

2. Control the amount of water for Fittonia Albivenis

If not properly watered, the leaves of fittonia albivenis will gradually become soft, so what to do about the leaves soft of Fittonia Albivenis? You should immediately control the amount of watering, remove it from the soil in the basin, and cut off the rotten roots in time. You can dry the soil in the sun, then replant Fittonia Albivenis, and water it properly and maintain it carefully.

Fittonia Albivenis

3. Apply fertilizer rationally for Fittonia Albivenis

Although Fittonia Albivenis does not have a high demand for nutrients, if the soil fails to provide sufficient nutrients for a long time, it will suffer from poor growth and the leaves will become soft. At this time, it is necessary to apply nitrogen, phosphorus and a small amount of potash fertilizer in a timely manner. Never apply too much fertilizer.

4. Keep Fittonia Albivenis warm 

Normally Fittonia Albivenis can grow under 0 ℃ temperature, otherwise it is easy to frostbite plant roots, fail to absorb the moisture and nutrients, and go limp. In winter, the temperature control must be above 0 ℃, and give sufficient sunshine, so that the leaves in the spring will come back to life.

Fittonia Albivenis

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