What Is The Best Soil For Lucky Bamboo

Written by Ivy

Dec 21 2021

What Is The Best Soil For Lucky Bamboo
For lucky bamboo, soil propagation is the most important way. Then, the choice of soil is very important. The most basic requirements are soft, breathable and plump. Also, in view of its characteristics, we'd better choose acidic soil. According to the above requirements, there are two kinds that are not suitable for selection, namely, cohesive and alkaline soil. We can choose soil containing rotten leaves or vegetable garden soil. In addition, in order to be more conducive to plant growth, you can add some egg shells and other substances to the soil, but don't put too much.

Lucky bamboo's requirements for soil

What Is The Best Soil For Lucky Bamboo
(1) Loose and breathable: of course, this is the first requirement of lucky bamboo soil, which is the most basic and common requirement of almost all plants. Only in this way can the plant breathe more smoothly and grow healthily and healthily.
(2) Fertile: it's about nutrition. The soil contains more nutrients to fully supply the strong demand of lucky bamboo, especially in the growing season.
(3) Acidic: for this plant, alkaline soil is definitely not suitable for it, which is determined according to its characteristics. Therefore, this is also a condition that should be considered when selecting soil, which should be slightly acidic.

Requirements for specific selection of lucky bamboo soil

(1) Let's talk about the recommended soil types first. Generally speaking, soil containing rotten leaves and acid soil of vegetable garden are better. In addition, in order to be more conducive to later growth and development, you can add some egg shells. 
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(2) There are also unsuitable soil types. The first is clayey soil, which is too sticky and is not conducive to plant respiration. The second is alkaline soil. As we have said above, this kind of soil is not suitable for its growth.
(3) In addition to soil, the container of lucky bamboo also needs attention. For soil culture, purple sand basin or plastic basin is suitable. If you want to put it outdoors, earthenware basin is also available.