What Is The Best Fertilizer For Lucky Bamboo?

Written by Ivy

Dec 21 2021

What Is The Best Fertilizer For Lucky Bamboo?
Certain fertilizer is required for lucky bamboo maintenance, and some compound fertilizer is required for soil fed lucky bamboo, which needs to be applied once in spring and autumn growth seasons, so as to meet the growth needs of lucky bamboo. At ordinary times, we also need to ensure sufficient sunshine so that lucky bamboo can grow better. The most suitable fertilizer for lucky bamboo hydroponic culture is nutrient solution. Let's take a specific look at the fertilizer required for lucky bamboo maintenance.

Lucky bamboo soil culture fertilizer

Soil culture lucky bamboo is most suitable for applying compound fertilizer. This fertilizer is cheap and can be purchased directly from the florist. When we apply an appropriate amount of compound fertilizer, it can grow stronger and the leaves will be greener. The best fertilization time is in spring and autumn, but remember that the application times should not be too many, and it is best to apply once a quarter.
Lucky bamboo needs sufficient nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients during its growth. Compound fertilizer can be applied in the growth stage, which can fully and evenly meet the nutritional needs of lucky bamboo. Generally, in the spring and autumn growing season, it grows faster and needs more fertilizer. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer can be applied every half a month, which can promote lucky bamboo to grow more vigorously, grow better and have more lush branches and leaves. If solid fertilizer is selected, pits can be dug around the roots to bury the compound fertilizer in lucky bamboo soil. If liquid fertilizer is selected, it can be diluted with water according to the instructions and then watered to the plants.
What Is The Best Fertilizer For Lucky Bamboo
When lucky bamboo is cultivated in soil, we can also apply organic fertilizer to lucky bamboo, such as rotten human and animal manure, bone meal, etc. we can also make some organic fertilizer, such as fermented rice washing water, crushed egg shell, etc. In order to make lucky bamboo leaves more shiny and green, we also need to spray a little leaf fertilizer to absorb nutrients through the leaf surface.

Lucky bamboo hydroponic fertilizer

The most suitable fertilizer for lucky bamboo hydroponic culture is nutrient solution. If you can't configure it yourself, you can buy it directly. Nutrient solution is used many times, and it should be applied basically once a month. Especially when changing its water, adding a little nutrient solution can make it obtain sufficient nutrients.
Lucky bamboo in hydroponic culture can drop an appropriate amount of nutrient solution and provide nutrients for growth. You can buy a special nutrient solution and add a few drops appropriately after changing the water. If there are expired aspirin tablets at home, they can be mixed and diluted into a solution in the ratio of 1:500 with water, and 5-10 drops can be dropped when changing the water. We can also crush vitamin B12 into powder and mix it with water.

How to make lucky bamboo fertilizer at home?

  • Brandy
If there is brandy at home, we can drop a few drops into lucky bamboo during hydroponic culture, which will help it grow. The application time is once every three weeks. In addition, it can also be applied after changing the water.
  • Aspirin
If there are expired aspirin tablets at home, we can also use them to make lucky bamboo nutrient solution. First, grind the tablet into powder, then put it into 500g of water, and then drop it into the hydroponic container. The best time is once a half month, so that lucky bamboo leaves can be green all the time.