Parlor palm plant care

Written by Maggie

Oct 29 2021

Parlor palm plant care

When we care for Parlor palm, it is best to control the temperature in 18 ~ 24℃, the safe winter temperature can not be less than 10℃. In the summer, apply shade treatment, and watering should keep the potting soil often wet. In winter see pot soil dry and then watering, apply a thin compound fertilizer every month. The following are Parlor palm plant care.

Parlor palm plant care
Parlor Palm - Most Common House Plant

1. Environment care for growing Parlor palm

Parlour palm likes to grow in half shade and warm environment. In the growth period, we need to control the temperature in about 18 ~ 24℃. When we care for Parlor palm in the usual maintenance period, it can be placed in half shade and half sun place for conservation. In summer, also pay attention to ventilation and shading, and should not direct light. In the winter before the flower pot moved to the indoor sunny place.

2. Watering care for growing Parlor palm

Parlor palm is suitable for growing in moist substrates, keep the potting soil always moist during the growing period, and wait for the potting soil to dry during dormancy for watering. When we care for parlor palm in summer, when the temperature is high and the air is dry, spray water mist to the leaf surface and the surrounding ground every day to increase the humidity and achieve the purpose of cooling.

3. Fertilize care for growing Parlor palm

Regular fertilization is very important when we care for Parlor palm. During the growth period, fertilization should follow the principle of thin fertilizer and frequent application. By all means, excessive fertilizer should be applied once a month when the plant is growing vigorously.

4. Parlor palm care for disease and insect prevention

Parlor palm is vulnerable to yellow leaf disease, black spot disease, scale insects and so on during growth. The leaves will become yellow and withered gradually when the disease occurs. When we care for Parlour palm, it is best to strengthen the indoor air circulation in high temperature and humidity, keep the leaf dry, cut off the sick leaves and spray with chlorothalonil solution for control.

Parlor palm plant care

5. Parlor palm care for leaves drying

Shading care

Parlor palm is a plant that likes light, but it should not be put in the sun for a long time, especially in spring and summer high-temperature season, the leaves are prone to dry, then how to care for parlor palm leaves dry. At this time leaves should be cut off, put in the shade conservation, in the season after the best shade treatment. (Find more indoor plants for low light here.)

Cooling treatment

Parlor palm is sensitive to temperature change. If it is grown in a high-temperature environment, it will evaporate the water in the leaves for a long time, so as to turn yellow and dry. When we care for Parlor palm, the plant should be moved to a cool and ventilated place for maintenance, strengthen ventilation, or use water spray to cool down.


Parlor palm likes to grow in wet soil. If the air humidity is low and the soil is too dry during maintenance, the leaves will become dry and yellow. When we care for Parlor palm, it is necessary to replenish the water in time, strengthen the ventilation around, and spray water mist around to increase the humidity around. 

Parlor palm plant care
Parlor Palm - one of the best indoor trees

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