Is Parlor Palm Toxic To Cats?

Written by Ivy

Dec 24 2021

Is Parlor Palm Toxic To Cats?
Parlor Palm is considered non-toxic to cats. Parlor Palm is a small evergreen shrub native to Mexico and Guatemala. Because its whole plant looks like a coconut tree, so it is called Parlor Palm. Parlor Palm is a very shade tolerant plant, so many people plant it indoors as small and medium-sized potted plants. Can Parlor Palm be planted in the bedroom?

Is Parlor Palm Poisonous?

If you want to know whether the Parlor Palm can be placed in the bedroom, the first thing you need to know is whether the Parlor Palm is toxic. If it will emit toxic gas, let alone the bedroom, even the room will not let the Parlor Palm enter. However, Parlor Palm itself is cultivated as an indoor plant. Therefore, Parlor Palm is non-toxic and absolutely safe. It is not toxic and will not produce toxic substances. Therefore, you can plant it in the room at ease.
Is Parlor Palm Toxic To Cats

Can Parlor Palm Be Put in the Bedroom?

Generally speaking, plants need light for growth, and they can produce oxygen during the day and absorb oxygen at night. Therefore, the same is true for Parlor Palm. If the Parlor Palm is placed in the bedroom, it is easy to understand that due to poor light, the Parlor Palm only absorbs oxygen and cannot produce oxygen through photosynthesis. When we go to bed at night, we will rob us of the only fresh oxygen in the bedroom, resulting in the turbidity of the air, which will greatly reduce the quality of our sleep. So, we'd better not put Parlor Palm in the bedroom. It's OK to put it in the bedroom occasionally during the day, and move it outside the bedroom at night. If you want to choose a plant that can also be placed in the bedroom at night, cactus is the first choice, because the cactus will close the pores during the day and open at night because of its high ambient temperature, so that it can also provide us with fresh oxygen for us to breathe at night.

Where Does the Parlor Palm Fit?

Since it is suggested not to put the Parlor Palm in the bedroom, where can it be placed? We usually use Parlor Palm to decorate some indoor places such as living room, conference room, bar and study, which can make the interior look more tropical and atmosphere. When planting Parlor Palm, the height of the plant shall not be higher than 1 meter. Its stem is very straight without any branches, and green leaves will grow at the top of the stem. Parlor Palm will open flowers in spring. The flowers are generally yellow, and they will also have small fruits of the same color. It is very beautiful. Breeding Parlor Palm needs careful care, so as to make it more beautiful.
Although we don't recommend keeping Parlor Palm in the bedroom all the time, it still has a certain purification effect on benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene in the air. It can also improve the humidity in the air. It's still very suitable to put it indoors!