How to care for Parlour palm

Written by Maggie

Jan 28 2021

How to care for Parlour palm

Native to Mexico and Guatemala, the Parlor palm is an ornamental houseplant, small and exquisite, beautiful and chic. As a small and medium-sized indoor potted plant, how to care for Parlour palm leaves yellowing or growing too high. Let's see the Parlor palm care.

Parlor palm care

Parlor palm care for leaves yellowing

When Parlor palm leaves yellow should be handled in a timely manner. If the soil is too dry, replenish moisture, keep high air humidity. If the light is too strong to plant in half in the shade, we can spray the surface appropriate some potassium dihydrogen phosphate, prompting leaves more green light. If high temperature, we will move it into the shade plant, when necessary for water cooling. The following are Parlor palm care for leaves yellowing.

1. Increase moisture

Parlor palm like grow in the moist substrate, if during the growth of too little water for a long time, or under the condition of air humidity is very low. The blade is easy to appear yellow withered phenomenon. When we care for Parlor palm, keep hydrated, water should be advised to keep the soil moist, but also in the best growing season to keep the air humidity is around 80%.

2. Shading treatment

Parlor palm like to grow in the light of a good environment. If long-term will plant under the strong light exposure, and can easily lead to leaf yellow dry, then the Parlor palm leaves became brown. When we care for Parlor palm, cut it off and the yellow leaf will be moved to the plant in the shade, the growing season of potassium dihydrogen phosphate as appropriate to the foliage, to encourage more bright green leaf.

3. Cooling treatment

Parlor palm flourishes in a warm and ventilated environment. If the plants are kept at a high temperature for too long, they will cause the leaves to turn yellow and fall off. When we care for Parlor palm, the plants should be moved to a cool and ventilated place in time.

4. Add fertilizer

Parlor palm likes to grow in the matrix with sufficient fertilizer. If the fertilizer is too little in the growth period, it will lead to plant malnutrition, resulting in leaves withered yellow fall. When we care for Parlor palm, apply a ripe cake fertilizer water in time, after pouring water for loose soil treatment, after fertilization to a small amount of many times.

5. Disease and insect prevention

When Parlor palm in high temperature and humidity breeding red spider, leaf spot, grey mold and other harm, the leaves will gradually yellow and withered. When we care for Parlor palm, cut off the yellow leaves in time, pay attention to ventilation, keep the leaf dry, with thin carbendazim or Bordeaux liquid spray for prevention.

Parlor palm care

Parlor palm care for growing too high

If it is caused by normal phenomena, it should be pruned properly to control the height of the plant type. If there is too little light, move the plant to a sunny place. Every day, it should turn the flower pot, stop nitrogen fertilizer in time if it is not applied properly, and use special flower fertilizer in normal times. The following are details of parlor palm care for growing too high.

1. Trim processing

Parlor palm grows very fast, its branches have a strong germination ability. When the plant is too high it will affect the overall beauty. When we care for Parlor palm, we can apply appropriate pruning treatment, in order to restrain the height of the plant type, mainly cut the long branches about 10 ~ 15 cm, but also the branches for cutting treatment, to facilitate the growth to maintain balance.

2. Increase light

Parlor palm is a tropical plant, it requires sufficient sunlight during the growth period. If the sunlight is too little, it will lead to the phenomenon of foliage is easy to grow. When we care for Parlor palm, move the plant in time to the environment with better sunlight for maintenance, and often turn the flower pot every day, to ensure that every part can receive the light evenly.

3. Reasonable fertilization

Parlor palm like grows in adequate fertilizer of soil, but also should pay attention to the rationality of the fertilizer, if applying nitrogen fertilizer overmuch, can cause moderate growth, plant in the parlour palm long too much. When we care for Parlor palm, stop applying nitrogen fertilizer. In the process of fertilization at ordinary times, give priority to with special flower fertilizer solution, the fertilizer can be poured into the water.

4. Reduce nutrients

If hydroponics Parlor palm, in the growth period if the drop of nutrient solution is too much, it will also cause the phenomenon of plant growth, but also affect the root growth. When we care for Parlor palm, timely change water treatment, mainly to the tap water after exposure, after every 1-month drop add a comprehensive nutrient solution is best.

Parlor palm care