Why Are The Tips of My Parlor Palm Turning Brown?

Written by Ivy

Dec 24 2021

Why Are The Tips of My Parlor Palm Turning Brown?
Parlor Palm is native to northern Mexico and Guatemala. It likes high humidity environment, is resistant to shade and is afraid of direct sunlight. Suitable for planting in loose, fertile and good drainage soil. Like to grow in a humid growth environment. Parlor Palm is a small evergreen shrub of bamboo palm in palm family. It is a very popular indoor ornamental green plant. Because the plant type of Parlor Palm is like a tropical coconut tree, the shape is small and exquisite, the leaves are evergreen all the year round, beautiful and unique, so it is named Parlor Palm. However, many friends often have problems in the process of taking care of Parlor Palm. What's the causes and how to solve the Parlor Palm leaves tips turning brown?

Lighting Issues

Parlor Palm is a plant that is not resistant to strong light. In the hot sun, its leaf color will fade or tips turning brown, and will produce scorched leaves and black spots, losing its original brilliance and ornamental value.
During the maintenance process, it is necessary to keep Parlor Palm in a semi shady environment. After leaving the room in spring, it should be placed in a shade to avoid direct sunlight and just have bright light. This environment is not only conducive to the growth of plants, but also avoids the tips turning brown of Parlor Palm leaves.

Watering Issues 

Parlor Palm likes a high humidity environment. The principle of better wet than dry should be mastered in watering to keep the basin soil moist. In addition, insufficient air humidity in the maintenance environment will also affect the growth of Parlor Palm, especially when the climate is dry. At this time, if the humidity is low, the Parlor Palm leaf tips turning brown will wither.
In addition to watering in time to keep the basin soil moist, we should often spray water on the plants to increase the air humidity of the environment, which is conducive to keeping the leaf dark green and shiny.
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Why Are The Tips of My Parlor Palm Turning Brown

Over Fertilization

Parlor Palm does not have high requirements for fertilizer, but it needs to meet all the nutrients it needs during its growth and development period. Therefore, it needs to be fertilized in time, but fertilization should not be too frequent to reduce tips turning brown. Generally, from May to October, apply cake fertilizer and water twice a month, and the degree of fertilization should be appropriate.

Alkaline Soil

If the soil planted by Parlor Palm contains more alkali, which makes the soil alkaline, it will not be suitable for the growth of acid loving plant Parlor Palm, resulting in the zooming of its leaf tip.
We should replace the planting soil with acid soil. Farmland soil, humus soil and fine sand can be configured in the ratio of 2:2:1 to form loose, fertile and well drained sandy soil, so that it can meet the absorption of soluble iron and other elements by Parlor Palm and promote the healthy growth of Parlor Palm.

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