How To Water Parlor Palm?

Written by Ivy

Dec 24 2021

How To Water Parlor Palm?
Because its name always reminds people of the coconut tree with sweet coconut milk, and its shape is very similar to that of the coconut tree. Therefore, palor palm also has the characteristics of tropical plants and will have a tropical style when viewed. Parlor Palm caring is also relatively easy. It doesn't require us to spend too much energy, but it doesn't mean we can ignore it. How to water is very important to the growth of Parlor Palm because Parlor Palm is sensitive to overwatering.

How Often To Water Parlor Palm?

The water for Parlor Palm should be poured on the soil surface. It is not recommended to pour it directly on the plant to avoid damage. In the growing season, the Parlor Palm is usually watered once in two or three days, more in summer, once in the morning and once in the evening. Water should be controlled in winter, usually once every ten days. We should pay attention not to accumulate water for Parlor Palm, and the water temperature should be close to the room temperature. If the pot has just been changed, it can be watered thoroughly to promote a better fit between the root system and the soil, which is conducive to recovery. If you just bought it, you should have more ventilation and maintain a suitable environment. Don't rush to water it to avoid the rotten roots of Parlor Palm.
How To Water Parlor Palm

How To Water Parlor Palm In Summer And Winter?

Summer Watering

It's hot in summer, and the water evaporates very fast. Parlor Palm itself has a good tolerance to high temperature, but not drought. Parlor Palm itself has very developed roots and can absorb a lot of water, so he likes a humid environment. Water the Parlor Palm a little more in summer. Keep watering the Parlor Palm twice a day to ensure that the living environment of the Parlor Palm is wet. In summer, water should be poured in the morning. In other seasons, it can be poured whenever you want. There are no special requirements.

Winter Watering

The temperature is low in winter, and the Parlor Palm itself can't stand the cold. When it is too cold in winter, if you still keep a lot of water to pour, there may be frostbite, and the root will turn black and rotten. So in winter, we need to reduce the amount of water for Parlor Palm. It's OK to water it once every ten days or more.

Precautions for Watering Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm is a tenacious plant that is not afraid of water shortage. You often forget to water it. Parlor Palm is still green for a long time, and there is no other plant's charming spirit of withering without care. So generally, we can wait until the plant looks very dry before watering, and we have to pour a lot of water every time. Watering too much is often the cause of plant disease. Generally, we water it once a week. More water can make Parlor Palm grow well.
In the season of rapid growth, we have to pour more water on Parlor Palm. Keep the cultivated soil moist all the time, so as to ensure that the water required for the growth of Parlor Palm can be fully supplied and grow well. There are no rigid regulations on how to water Parlor Palm. It is mainly that we summarize and quantify it in the daily caring process.
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