How To Propagate Nerve Plant?

Written by Ivy

Dec 27 2021

How To Propagate Nerve Plant?
Propagating Nerve Plant requires you to improve your planting methods and detailed skills. If you want us to master the growth habits and agricultural high-yield planting technology of Nerve Plant, you also need to learn some planting details of Nerve Plant, such as temperature, climate, watering time and how to apply fertilizer, field management and pest control, And some soil management methods and precautions need to be learned. Today, let's learn how to plant Nerve Plant. First, Nerve Plant must be familiar to many people. At present, it is very popular in the market. Because of its high ornamental value, many people like to buy it. Because of this, there are many people planting it now. The Nerve Plant propagating methods mainly include cutting, division and propagating in water.


  • Plastic cup
  • Plastic bag
  • Indoor plant soil
  • Spade, fork, sprayer
  • Scissors
  • Cleaning paper towel (or cloth)

Propagating Nerve Plant By Cuttings

The branches of Nerve Plant are easy to grow adventitious roots and are excellent for cutting. Pick a few branches from outside or a friend's house and you can cut a pot. The best cutting time is spring and autumn.
The time for propagating nerve plant by cuttings is generally in autumn and October. We can cut off the stolon of Nerve Plant, with a length of about 8 cm. There are two leaves at the top, and all the leaves at the bottom are removed. The depth of branches inserted into the soil is about 4 cm, and fix the stem with wet soil. We can grow healthily in two weeks.
First of all, we should choose a strong mother plant, not any one can. The best way to choose a Nerve Plant is to lay its branches flat.
Then select the branches with terminal buds, about 5cm long and 3 ~ 5 stem nodes, and cut off the stem branches and leaves inserted into the soil, or half of the leaves, so as to reduce the consumption of nutrients.
Cut the prepared branches in the flowerpot. 8 ~ 10 branches need to be cut in the flowerpot of about 10 cm, and then cultivate in a small pot.
After propagating Nerve Plant by cuttings, we can put the nerve plant in a cool and ventilated place and give it appropriate light to take root in 2 ~ 3 weeks. When the leaves gradually recover and grow small tender leaves, apply a small amount of slow-release fertilizer and trim appropriately. You should know that sufficient sunshine and nutrients can make cutting seedlings grow rapidly. (Read More: How Much Light Does Nerve Plant Need?)
After propagating, the Nerve Plant cannot be directly placed in the sun, and the root system of the Nerve Plant is easy to be killed by the sun; It is recommended to maintain in a cool place. After the Nerve Plant adapts to the environment and grows leaves, it can be placed in the astigmatism place. Nerve Plant is a water loving plant and needs to be watered every 3 days.
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How To Propagate Nerve Plant

Propagating Nerve Plant By Division

There are dense stolons at the bottom of the Nerve Plant. We can dig out the Nerve Plant, remove the soil on the roots, cut the roots by hand, and then plant them on wet soil and move them to a cool place for maintenance. About half a month later, the split Nerve Plant will grow new leaves.

Propagating Nerve Plant In Water

Nerve Plant can be hydroponically cultured, and hydroponics is easy to maintain. Looking up relevant data, we learned that Huayou had tried to carry out hydroponic culture on Nerve Plant before. He summarized that Nerve Plant can be maintained by hydroponic culture, which is compared with traditional cultivation methods,
Propagating Nerve Plant in water still has many advantages. For example, maintenance is very simple and has higher ornamental value, but it has advantages and disadvantages, that is, the effect of long-term growth is not as good as soil culture. This requires you to see how to choose.
  • Select hydroponic container
Transparent glass containers are generally selected for Nerve Plant hydroponic containers, so that root growth can be observed. However, experienced flower friends suggest that you use semi transparent containers, which will grow faster in the dark environment.
  • Nerve Plant debasing
Remove the Nerve Plant with soil from the flower pot, then wash the soil at the root with clean water, cut off the old roots, dry roots and excess fibrous roots with scissors, and keep the strong or new roots.
  • Fixed plant
We can fix the cleaned Nerve Plant on the hydroponic frame, and then add water to the container. Let the water level reach two-thirds or one-half of the root. Never let the root be submerged in the water, otherwise it is easy to rot the root.
  • Waiting for rooting
From soil culture to hydroponic culture, Nerve Plant needs a period of time to adapt, and the standard for successful hydroponic culture is that the plant can take root successfully, which generally takes 2 weeks. If you want to promote its rapid rooting, you can add rooting agent in water.

Propagating Nerve Plant By Seeds

Some nerve plants will produce flowers, but the primary reason for growing these plants is their delightful foliage. Whilst it is possible to grow new Nerve Plants from seed, the delay when compared to growing from cuttings just doesn’t make the effort seem worthwhile. Also, you need to consider the fact that many of these plants are cultivars and new plants may not come true to form. In other words, the new seedlings may not produce all of the same characteristics that the parent plant offered.