How to Grow Ranunculus in Pots

Written by Ivy

Nov 24 2021

How to Grow Ranunculus in Pots
We can grow Ranunculus in pots in autumn and winter. Generally, around October, we can start planting Ranunculus after the weather becomes cool. The shape of Ranunculus bulbs is a bit special, a bit like the shape of claws.

1. How deep pot does Ranunculus need for growth?

Before growing Ranunculus bulbs, we should select the pot. The depth of the pot is not fixed, but it can't be too shallow. The shallow pot can't accommodate the extension of the root system under the seed ball. In the long run, it will limit the growth and development of Ranunculus. The pot shall be able to accommodate the growth of bulbs. According to the number and size of Ranunculus bulbs, the pot with a depth of 20-25cm shall be selected. The diameter of the pot is about 15-20 cm. If multiple seed balls are to be planted in a pot, the diameter can be larger. The material of the pot shall ensure air permeability, and the bottom shall have a hole for normal drainage. (Read more anout caring for Ranunculus.)
How to Grow Ranunculus in Pots

2. How many Ranunculus bulbs can be planted in one pot?

When we plant Ranunculus bulbs, try not to be too close. Ranunculus bulbs are composed of many root blocks, so we should ensure appropriate spacing. If you choose a small flowerpot, it is better to plant one in one pot. If the flowerpot is medium, you can plant 2-3. If you plant too many seeds in each pot, its root growth will be affected, and the plant is easy to grow poorly in the later stage.

3. How to plant Ranunculus in the pots?

  • Soil preparation: After preparing planting Ranunculus in the pot, we should prepare the soil suitable for growth, which can be mixed in household rotten leaf soil, garden soil, sandy soil, vermiculite, base fertilizer, etc
  • Treatment of seed ball: Ranunculus is generally planted with bulbs. We need low temperature germination first, so that the survival rate can be improved after treatment.
  • Planting in the pot: Lay some crushed stones on the bottom of the pot, and then fill in the soil. Plant the buttercup ball in the middle, cover the soil and press it gently.
  • Maintenance management: Water properly after soil covering and planting, and then keep it in a cool and ventilated environment. Don't expose to the sun first, wait for the seedlings to grow and drill out of the soil surface, and then keep the Ranunculus in the basin in a place with sufficient light.