Tips for what to plant in winter garden

Written by Joy

Sep 29 2020

Tips for what to plant in winter garden

What to plant in the winter garden? There are some plants that don't stop growing in the cold winter, and there are still many plants that bloom in winter, and they are smaller plants, suitable for potted maintenance. If the weather is cold and you want to grow a lot of flowers in the yard, then we can choose the following 8 kinds of flowers.

what to plant in winter garden

1. Spring Flower Heather

This beautiful Heather grows very delicate, it has a lot of flowers, and it grows in clusters. It is a relatively small, low shrub. It likes a windy environment and plenty of rain. The combination of white flowers and brown stamens is particularly beautiful from January to March, and the green leaves are very charming. It is also very suitable for potted flowers, suitable for planting on the balcony, and it can only be seen blooming in the coldest weather, even in a winter garden.

2. Dwarf conifers

These conifers and cypresses are very low and are potted varieties of gardening transformation. They are also relatively ornamental. When most plants are withered in winter, they can maintain lush leaves. The cold weather does not change them. When planting in a winter garden, they can still be in good conditions.

3. Clematis

Some clematis varieties are very hardy, and some will bloom at the end of winter. Of course, the color of these flowers is not as stunning as other varieties.

One species is the clematis, which has creamy white flowers and bronze leaves. It is suitable for planting in the yard, and has a particularly strong cold-tolerance ability and can survive a particularly cold winter.

4. Ornamental kale

In your winter garden, you can plant some kale specifically for ornamental purposes in the yard or balcony. The colorful flower-like leaves are believed to make your eyes bright. They are also popular winter ornamental plants in many places, especially the pink and purple varieties. The temperature is lower than 10 degrees, they can become more beautiful, the color is more gorgeous.

5. Swiss chard and kale

Swiss chard is very suitable for planting in autumn. It not only has high nutrition and excellent taste, it is also a cold-tolerant vegetable. The lowest temperature can withstand the environment of minus 10 degrees, and it is not much protected. Pairing with kale is a good choice. Green and white varieties are more resistant to cold.

6. Alum root

Alum root is the color palette of the yard or balcony. It has colorful varieties and rich colors of leaves. It can make your balcony beautiful throughout the winter. It is also called coral clock because it has many flowers and is small. The flowers are full of branches, like small bells, a very wonderful little plant, suitable for potted maintenance, and it is very cold-resistant, and can survive at minus 20 degrees when planting in a winter garden.

7. Helleborus

Helleborus is also our common iron chopstick flower. It is also a rare plant that can bloom in winter. It grows relatively small, like a gem in winter. It has good cold resistance and wind resistance. In the weather, it can keep growing. With colorful flower pots, the ornamental is the best.

8. Creeping Thyme

Creeping Thyme has charming little flowers. It is a small creeping green shrub that is very attractive to bees. Its purple flower clusters are very attractive.

Many people like to plant it in the yard, planting a small piece of it, and it looks particularly good when it blooms.