When to plant summer garden

Written by Joy

Sep 29 2020

When to plant summer garden
It is difficult to choose gardening suitable for planting under high temperature in summer, but there are already a lot of choices for vegetable gardening, such as cucumber, cowpea, tomato, water spinach, etc. Their common feature is high temperature resistance, even in high temperature environments above 30 degrees. They can also grow as usual, and these dishes are popular home-cooked dishes in summer, and many people can see them on the dinner table at home.So when to plant summer garden?
 when to plant summer garden


Cucumbers should be the most heat-resistant summer garden to plant in summer, so hot summers are very suitable for planting cucumbers. Cucumbers can grow normally even at high temperatures above 30 degrees, and their fruiting period is very fast. They will mature within one and a half months after sowing. Eating more cucumbers can also clear away heat and reduce fire, which has a certain effect on heatstroke prevention.

2. Cowpea

Cowpea is also one of the common summer garden to plant in summer. It can bloom and bear fruit even in an environment above 30 degrees. The more sunlight it will grow, the better. It has minimal requirements for the environment. It is available in spring, summer and autumn. It all can be planted. Besides, cowpea is a common dish on the summer dinner table, rich in nutrients.

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are suitable summer garden for planting in summer because the more sunlight in the process of growth, the better the fruit taste and the more sugar. Tomatoes are also a crop that prefers sunlight. It can be eaten in many ways and can be eaten raw. Cold salad, soup, stir-fry, the taste is very delicious, and the nutritional value is very high.

4. Water spinach

Water spinach is one of the common summer garden to plant on the dinner table in summer. It can be said to be very homely. It is also suitable for planting in high temperature environments, because it is not afraid of high temperatures and can still grow normally in high temperature environments. It is worth mentioning that this kind of vegetable can be regenerated. If you pinch off the tender tip, it can grow again every few days. It is one of the very seasonal vegetables in summer.