How to grow Lavandula in autumn

Written by Maggie

Nov 23 2020

How to grow Lavandula in autumn

During the Lavandula growth in the autumn, give enough light to help the branches to differentiate and water them every three to five days. Do not fertilize the soil when the base fertilizer is sufficient, and apply phosphate potassium compound fertilizer every 15 ~ 20 days when fertilizer is insufficient. Apply organic fertilizer in October, at ordinary times besides the clip when flowering. In autumn, it also needs a proper clip.

Lavandula picture

How to grow lavandula in autumn

1. Plenty of light for Lavandula

The sun isn't as strong in autumn as it is in summer, so the Lavandula can be placed in direct sunlight to photosynthesize its branches. More beautiful flowers will bloom during the blooming season. Do not put in the shade for maintenance, otherwise it will affect the normal growth of lavender, reducing its ornamental value.

2. Water appropriately for Lavandula

Lavandula is drought tolerant but afraid of floods. In the fall, keep the water under control and don't overwater. Generally every 3 ~ 5 days in autumn can be watered, so that to keep the soil a little moist. Water to the plant can be timely. On cloudy and rainy days or gradually turning cool, we can gradually reduce the amount of watering.

How to grow lavandula in autumn

3. Provide fertilizer for Lavandula

As for how Lavandula is raised in the fall, lavender needs to be fertilized in time for the fall, even though its nutrient requirements are not high. Do not fertilize the soil when there is sufficient base fertilizer. Nutrient deficiency should be in July to September, every 15 to 20 days to apply a phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer. In October, apply a good organic fertilizer.

4. Trim appropriately for Lavandula

Lavandula generally consumes a lot of nutrients in the soil in the summer and fall, so in addition to flowering, it needs to be trimmed in the fall. Cut off the diseased branches and old branches can reduce the digestion of soil nutrients and promote the lavender to continue to open beautiful flowers in the coming year.

How to grow lavandula in autumn