How to grow Cotyledon tomentosa in autumn

Written by Maggie

Dec 11 2020

How to grow Cotyledon tomentosa in autumn

Cotyledon tomentosa needs reasonable water aquaculture in the autumn, every three times watering until moist and regularly spraying water increases air humidity. Everyday it can be put in the position of the window, the well ventilated at the same time also can absorb enough light. The most obvious feature of the autumn is day and night temperature difference is bigger, so the evening time needs to be moved to farming in the indoor environment.

Cotyledon tomentosa

1. Water properly for Cotyledon tomentosa

Water is necessary for cotyledon tomentosa in autumn. Watering Cotyledon tomentosa needs to be reasonable. Autumn is the Cotyledon tomentosa end dormant stage, and the water demand is gradually increasing. Water  every three days in the soil, improve the humidity of the air by spraying water at the same time, make its growth more exuberant.

2. Ventilation maintenance of Cotyledon tomentosa

In autumn, Cotyledon tomentosa also needs to maintain a good ventilation environment. It can be put in a ventilated environment, avoiding the soil being too wet. At the same time, it also can reduce the Cotyledon tomentosa disease, making them more healthy. But it does not need too much ventilation, or it will hinder the growth of plants.

Cotyledon tomentosa

3. Appropriate application of Cotyledon tomentosa

When growing in autumn, Cotyledon Tomentosa also needs to be given appropriate fertilizers to promote the growth of the plants. In autumn, compound fertilizers are mainly used and applied every 20 days. Since Cotyledon Tomentosa is short in size, the amount of fertilizer used must be strictly controlled, and it is best to put it around the root system after it is dissolved in water.

4. Temperature control measures for Cotyledon tomentosa

Autumn day and night temperature difference is bigger, especially around October. Cotyledon tomentosa cold resistant ability is low, so for indoor cultivation, we need to control the temperature when the temperature at night and daytime are similar, both temperature difference is 5 ℃ or so. The fall of astigmatism is appropriate, everyday it can be put in the environment of astigmatism, accepting more than six hours of sunlight.