How to grow Viola Tricolor in autumn

Written by Maggie

Nov 24 2020

How to grow Viola Tricolor in autumn

Viola Tricolor needs to get plenty of light in the fall, no less than 4 hours a day. Water every three days to keep the soil moist. Autumn is also the best season for Viola Tricolor. At this point it can be every 10 to 15 days of time for the application of thin liquid fertilizer, mainly nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus potash fertilizer, to promote the growth of plants.

Viola Tricolor picture

Viola Tricolor

1. Get plenty of light for Viola Tricolor in autumn

Viola Tricolor is a light-loving plant. It has good autumn light. It can be moved into the astigmatism environment during daily breeding, and the daily light time should not be less than 4 hours. Early in the autumn, when the light is still strong, you should avoid the midday light.

2. Moist soil for Viola Tricolor in autumn

The Viola Tricolor needs proper moisture control in the fall. Autumn is the season when Viola Tricolor is in full bloom, so its water requirement is relatively high. Water every three days to keep the soil moist. If pot planting can use pottery basins, good drainage will not cause water in the basin.

Viola Tricolor

3. Appropriate application for Viola Tricolor in autumn

Viola Tricolor is a fattening plant. Especially in the growth of a relatively exuberant season, it needs every 10 ~ 15 days of time topdressing liquid fertilizer. Choose a low concentration of fertilizer to promote the uptake of nutrients by the root system. In autumn, nitrogen fertilizer and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer were mainly used to meet the normal growth of plants.

4. Suitable temperature for Viola Tricolor in autumn

The temperature in autumn is more suitable. However, in the early autumn, the temperature is usually around 30℃. At this time, attention should be paid to reduce the temperature and maintain a constant temperature environment of about 15℃, while maintaining a good ventilation environment. The temperature should not be lower than 3℃ at night, otherwise the growth of Viola Tricolor is relatively slow.

Viola Tricolor