How to grow Antirrhinum Majus in autumn

Written by Maggie

Nov 25 2020

How to grow Antirrhinum Majus in autumn

Antirrhinum Majus should be given five to six hours of light during autumn growth, otherwise it will grow empty. At ordinary times it also need to water in a timely manner, but also every other half a month to apply nitrogen-Phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer. In the fall also need to be appropriate to its pruning treatment, its useless branches cut off, increase the ornamental value of the plant. You can also propagate the cuttings so that they grow better in autumn.

Antirrhinum Majus picture

Antirrhinum Majus

1. Supplement of the illumination for Antirrhinum Majus in autumn

Antirrhinum Majus grows best in the sun and produces beautiful flowers. Although the weather is drier in autumn, the sunshine is not particularly strong. You can put snapdragon in the sun carefully. Give them at least 5 to 6 hours of light in the fall, or they will grow in vain.

2. Water and fertilizer management for Antirrhinum Majus in autumn

Usually, an Antirrhinum Majus has a high requirement for water and fertilizer. So how can an Antirrhinum Majus do the best in autumn? It needs to be watered in time for the fall. If the weather is too dry, then spray water into the air.However, when the climate temperature drops, we also need to reduce the amount of water, and also need to apply nitrogen-Phosphate-potassium compound fertilizer every half a month.

Antirrhinum Majus

3. Pruning for Antirrhinum Majus in autumn

In fact, when Antirrhinum Majus grows in the fall, it's best to give it a proper annual trim. Trim the overgrown branches and even trim the thick parts. This will make an Antirrhinum Majus grow well and make it more attractive to the eye. It will also prevent pests and diseases in the fall.

4. Cuttage propagation for Antirrhinum Majus in autumn

Antirrhinum Majus has a variety of breeding methods, but the more common one is cuttings. When it can give its pruning treatment in autumn every time, from the branch in pruning, choose a relatively hale branch, undertaking disinfecting treatment to its branch wound mouth. Then insert the branch into a pot of soil suitable for growth and wait patiently for the branch to take root.

Antirrhinum Majus