How to grow and care for vanilla bean orchid

Written by Maggie

Sep 02 2021

How to grow and care for vanilla bean orchid

Vanilla bean Orchid belongs to the precious perennial tropical climbing vine of the orchid family. Due to its incomparable important position and good market development of other natural spices, more and more people want to grow vanilla bean orchid. This article will talk about growing vanilla bean orchid care.

1. Temperature care for growing vanilla bean orchid

Vanilla Bean Orchid does not have high requirements on temperature, because it has strong adaptability and is cold-resistant to some extent. It can spend the winter outdoors in the south, just as it can withstand the winter in the north. When we grow and care for vanilla bean orchid, we can choose under the building or under the tree, so you don't have to worry about the summer heat.

2. Watering care for growing vanilla bean orchid

Vanilla Bean Orchid likes moist soil, which will make the plants more tender and vigorous. If not watered enough, the plants will be in a very old state, which will not look so beautiful, and flowering will not be normal. But like wet does not mean that it can withstand the water. When we grow and care for vanilla bean orchid in the rainy season, we should also do a good job of drainage flood reduction work.

3. Light care for growing vanilla bean orchid

Vanilla bean orchid belongs to the light-loving plant, sufficient sunshine is the most suitable for growth, but it also has a certain shade tolerance. When we grow and care for vanilla bean orchid, strong light needs to be avoided, which is why it generally appears on the floor and under the tree. It is sufficient to receive scattered light during the flowering period.

4. Fertilization care for growing vanilla bean orchid

The growth of Vanilla Bean Orchid cannot be separated from fertilization, which can promote its germination in fertile soil. When we grow and care for vanilla bean orchid, just pay attention to the application of light fertilizer and apply it frequently. The application should not be too heavy each time.

5. Pruning care for growing vanilla bean orchid

It is very resistant to pruning, because of the strong germination. When we grow and care for vanilla bean orchid , we need irregular pruning, so as to control the plant type to the best.

vanilla bean orchid care

6. Vanilla bean orchid propagation

Sowing and cutting are two important propagation methods of Vanilla Bean Orchids, sowing words can be planted with sowing, sowing depth should be enough, then also use some straw to cover, pay attention to watering and top dressing, the coming year will be able to neatly grow out. Cuttings should be carried out in June, the choice of two-year branches, root after 60 days can be transplanted.

7. vanilla bean orchid disease & pest

Disease: disease rarely occurs, especially the mature robust plant is not easy to occur.

Pests: pests appear very few, there may be aphids, in the process of pruning directly cut off the branches with pests on it.

8. Growing vanilla bean orchid in the jungle

Once Vanilla Bean Orchids vine up tree trunks, over time the roots will head downward to the floor and bury themselves in the free soil and litter the place they act greater like a terrestrial orchid. Root hairs show up on the as soon as clean roots and they uptake water and meals from the substrate.

9. Growing vanilla bean orchid in containers

Vanilla vegetation makes brilliant container residence plant life when grown as a vine, due to the fact this kind of orchid is each epiphytic and semi-terrestrial. This capability lives above the floor the place its roots connect to tree trunks or different guides from which it takes in water and nutrients. In developing a Vanilla vine in a pot, some guide is wanted for the vine to climb on and connect itself to. This can be a publisher or slab of wood, ideally a kind that no longer rot without difficulty like cedar or cypress.

10. Growing vanilla bean orchid at home

Overall, Vanilla is a rewarding, and at the same time challenging, plant to grow. Once established, vanilla bean flora can grace your gardens with their splendor for years. Cultivate your very own vanilla bean flowers for their fragrant and intoxicating spices, which can then be used to deliciously taste ice cream, espresso drinks, and baked goods. But if you are in a hurry, we advise Perpetual Vanilla with Madagascar vanilla beans, which will allow you to make vanilla extract at domestic for years to come.

vanilla bean orchid care