How to grow and care for peach

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to grow and care for peach

Peach is a nutritious fruit, the fruit is generally raw or made into preserved peach, canned, kernels can also be edible. In the market, it is very popular. Let's take a look at the growing peach care.

peach care

Environment care for growing peach

We should choose the sandy loam with good drainage and loose soil, slope to the south slope is the best, but avoid continuous cropping, that is, the land that has planted peach trees can no longer plant peach trees. Before growing peach, we must undertake a deep turn to change soil, sloping ground should be changed into terraced ground, increase thick soil layer, dig planting holes or planting ditch by plant row distance next. When we grow and care for peach, it should be based on the variety of characteristics, terrain, soil conditions, shaping and cultivation methods. Strong tree varieties can be planted sparsely, weak tree varieties can be planted densely.

Soil care for growing peach

Juvenile garden vegetables can be planted in summer, green manure in winter, which can not only increase orchard income, but also improve soil fertility. Adult garden intercropping; Summer tillage, weeding; When we grow and care for peach in autumn and winter, the soil physical and chemical properties were improved by increasing the application of organic fertilizer.

Fertilizer and water care for growing peach

The first year is the key to peach trees forming, on the water management to do "light fertilizer frequently". When we grow and care for peach, every half a month or so apply fertilization, a total of 8 times. The first 6 times is a load of clear dung water plus 2 two urea applications of 4 trees, promoting more pumping branches, hair leaves, and rapid formation. The last two treatments were to apply a load of feces water and potassium 2 dihydrogen bisphosphate to 4 trees to promote shoot maturity and flower bud differentiation. Fertilizer and water management in the second year after planting: peach trees than oranges, apples and other barren tolerance, but after putting into production should be applied at least three times a year fertilizer.

peach care

Peach care for disease and insect pest control

When we grow and care for peach we should pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests, the main common are the following:

Brown rot of peach: mainly harmful to the fruit, the first fruit surface appears brown round spots, then spread to the whole fruit, the flesh becomes brown soft rot. Prevention and control methods: When we grow and care for peach, remove overwintering bacteria source, prevention and control weevil, peach toon and other communicators, sprout deceptions spray wave beauty 4-5 degrees of sulfur mixture, can also be used in the generation of zinc, tobujin and other antibiotics.

Peach anthracnose: the main harm fruit, wet and rainy incidence is heavy, in spring for the onset of peak, young fruit after harm into stiff peach. After the fruit enlargement from the water spots expanded into a round, reddish-brown, depression spots. Prevention and control methods: When we grow and care for peach, remove overwintering sources, and in early spring spray 4-5 degrees of sulfur mixture and tobujin, carbendazim antibacterials and other antibiotics.

Peach shrunken leaf disease: the overwintering pathogen invades after the peach bud develops leaves, shrines and twists into deformed leaves, and the infected leaves are fatter and gradually turn reddish brown. The prevention and treatment methods are basically the same as the above two diseases.

Growing and caring for peach is relatively simple. The first year of plastic management is more critical, the following years can reduce management, let its natural growth.

peach care