How to grow and care for lychee

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to grow and care for lychee

Lychee and banana, pineapple, longan system be austral four big fruit. Many friends want to grow Lychee. Now we will talk about how to grow and care for Lychee.

 care for Lychee

steps to grow Lychee

1. Dowing time

Every time eat Lychee, the stone of the fruit can stay for each plant breeding time is different, litchi can from spring to summer in the spring sowing, can also be 8 to 9 in the autumn sowing, because the two periods, temperature requirements are the most suitable for planting, can help pick up the seeds germinate, grow more delicious fruit.

2. Seed selection

Lychee is rich in nutrition, health is a big help to the body, but not to eat many. If not easily lose wait for a symptom, litchi tasty and nutritious, so a lot of friends all want to grow their own litchi. You first need to choose the good seed, and you can buy the fresh litchi, and get the fruit seeds, also can buy directly litchi seeds.

3. Seed treatment

Ready after good seed, we need to give fruit processing, remains on the fruit pulp washing down, then soak in clean water, need every 2 days in water, wait for the fruit cracks show white, soak for a few days again. The fruit can be fully opened, so can make the fruit take root, make it grow better.

4. Sowing method

Planting litchi, ready to the shallow basin, best can use red soil, loess, or purple soil cultivation, use spirit fill soil sterilization, disinfection treatment, prevent the planting in the process of developing the disease, and then we will deal with good fruit on the earth and keep the soil moist degree, in the shade, after waiting for fruit root, and then in the sunshine place normal breeding.

 care for Lychee

Growing Lychee care

1. Plastic trimming

Litchi grows quickly, so need to give it a plastic clip, and can be in two seasons summer autumn and winter pruning. We need litchi old branch, deadwood, a lateral branch cut off entirely, can reduce consumption of nutrients in the soil, make the fruit more delicious, or it will cause moderate growth, litchi, affect the growth of litchi fruit flavor will be discounted.

2. Watering and fertilizing

Litchi like grow in a moist environment, needs a lot of offer litchi fertilization, age season can be watered once every 3 ~ 5 days, summer water at a time in the morning and evening. We need every 8 ~ 10 days in winter spraying water at a time, without too much fertilizer, the spring and autumn period and the two-season may need to apply once every other month compound fertilizer, duty summer two-season do not need fertilization.

Conclusion: Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has known the growing methods and care for Lychee, hoping to be helpful to you.

 care for Lychee