How to grow and care for mangosteen

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to grow and care for mangosteen

With the improvement of living standard, eating fruit has become an essential thing in people's life, and we all know that eating fruit is very good for the human body. Mangosteen is a highly nutritious fruit that can be used by people of all ages, but the price of this fruit is relatively high so consider growing it yourself. The following are growing mangosteen care.

mangosteen care

1. Soil care for growing mangosteen

When we grow and care for mangosteen, it is best to choose more nutritious soil, soil layer if the thicker planting ground. And whether you grow on a barren hill or in a field, there must be a very convenient water source nearby. In addition, we need to remove weeds in the land before planting, dig the land about 30 centimeters can be added to the human and animal manure, the fertilizer treatment, even after the need to dig a drainage ditch.

2. Clear the whip and loosen the soil for growing mangosteen

After planting the mangosteen, it is necessary to loosen the soil once a year in summer. When we grow and care for mangosteen, it is necessary to remove the old or poor growing bamboo sticks when the soil is loosened, mainly because the time for the mangosteen sticks to germinate is only four years. After processing, we should timely use organic fertilizer to mangosteen increase nutrition, so that the new bamboo whip can be fast and good growth. In the second year of our planting, we will keep the foster mother bamboo, generally about 600 mother bamboo per mu.

3. Water care for growing mangosteen

When we grow and car for mangosteen, we should pay attention to the fertilizer and water situation. Mangosteen like wet like hot, so once the ground is dry, it is necessary to water in time, but can not appear water accumulation. There is also the mangosteen is more prone to yellow disease, is generally during the growth, once found to be immediately sprayed, so as not to affect its future growth.

mangosteen care

4. Environment care for growing mangosteen

Mangosteen is a perennial economic tree species. Like other fruit trees, it takes several years to benefit from planting, and once it is planted, the natural environment of the garden will affect the growth and yield of fruit trees for decades. Therefore, when we grow and care for mangosteen, the selection of the garden site must be careful, and it is necessary to comprehensively consider the suitable growth of mangosteen topography, soil environmental conditions and climatic conditions and other factors.

5. Fertilizing care for growing mangosteen

Fertilizer management in the first year after transplanting: the young trees in the first year are still in the dry season when they survive, so urea water and fertilizer should be applied once, which can be carried out in combination with water dousing. The dosage of 100mL for each plant and the concentration of 2% can promote the growth of mangosteen seedlings. When we grow and care for mangosteen at the beginning of the rainy season, apply 1 organic fertilizer and calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer.

The rules and types of fertilizer in the second year are the same as in the first year. The difference is that the amount of fertilizer has changed. When we grow and care for mangosteen in the dry season, urea was dissolved into 2% water and fertilizer and applied twice, 100mL per tree each time.

When we grow and care for in the third year, dry season, when the quick-availability nitrogen fertilizer was dissolved into water fertilizer, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer was increased to apply 2% urea to each tree twice, 150mL each time, a total of 300mL.

mangosteen care