How to grow and care for cherry in the pot

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to grow and care for cherry in the pot

Cherry tastes sweet and delicious, the nutritional value is also very rich. So you can try growing potted cherries at home, both edible and ornamental value. Of course, in addition to understanding the growth habits of cherry trees, a good potted cherry plant should also pay attention to the selection of cherry varieties, pot selection, water and soil management, etc. Let's see growing potted cherry care.     

potted cherry care  

Soil care for growing potted cherry                                              

Potted cherries generally choose round some of the round basins with good air permeability, such as plain burning basin, wooden barrel, purple sand basin, plastic basin, which is conducive to the plant's root respiration and absorption of water. When we grow and care for the cherry, choose the size of the container according to the size of the seedlings, such as 1 ~ 2 years of seedlings, then choose the mouth along the diameter of the 25 ~ 30 cm basin.

Nutrient soil preparation. When we grow and care for the cherry, the potting soil should have high air permeability, generally can choose 7 parts of turf soil, 2 parts of sand, 3 parts of ring fertilizer mix evenly, then spray 0.1% formalin solution, then cover with plastic film sealed, one day and one night and then put it in the sun to dry for four days after thorough disinfection can be used.

The basin care for growing potted cherry

The best time on the pot is in early spring. When we grow and care for the cherry, the rot of cherry seedling before the basin, pests and diseases, too long root system is cut off, and a tile is inverted on the drainage hole of the basin bottom. Then spread a layer of furnace ash 10 cm thick, and then put the nutrient soil, put the cherry seedlings in, fill the soil compaction, soil surface and container mouth along the distance of about 4cm, after planting, pouring permeable. Cured in a sunny place. In winter, the cherries should be kept indoors to avoid freezing damage.

Fertilizer and water care for growing potted cherry

When we grow and care for the cherry, we should pay attention to the principle of thin fertilizer application. Commonly used fertilizer is cake fertilizer, livestock hoof horn, sesame paste residue, sour milk, rice water, bone fragments, etc., the best by soaking to fermentation, to fertilizer liquid application. When we grow and care for the cherry, apply a small amount of fertilizer in spring; Fertilization in summer to promote tree growth; After late summer, potassium dihydrogen phosphate was added in organic fertilizer water; For cherry trees in fruit-bearing period, urea should be added before and after anastomosis, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be added into the fertilizer water. When we grow and care for the cherry in autumn, but also one-time application of potassium sulfate 50g. Organic fertilizer water production: soybean meal at the ratio of 1∶5 was soaked in water, and then fermented for 5 ~ 10 days, and then diluted with 10 times of water.

In terms of watering to keep dry see wet principle. When we grow and care for the cherry, water the leaves once a day in summer and spray them often. Especially in the cherry leaves, high temperature, to pay more attention to the cherry water, keep the soil moist; In the spring and autumn is 3 ~ 4 days, the basic winter not watering.Loosen soil in time to prevent basin soil from hardening.

potted cherry care

Plastic trim care for growing potted cherry

Pruning mainly in summer, supplemented by winter, pay attention to the location of flower buds.Summer shearing to maintain the tree shape, promote flowers and fruit for the purpose. When we grow and care for the cherry, cut off competing branches and back branches. Remove the core when the branch is 15 ~ 20cm long. It is usually completed by summer, no more than twice a year. In autumn, when the branch just saw the top, pull the branch level.

Winter shearing to adjust the tree type, balance tree potential. The main thinning growth competition branches, back branches, strong flourishing branches, slender branches. Prolongation branches to truncate, fruiting branches to retract.

Flower care for growing potted cherry

Fruit and flower thinning is the key point When we grow and care for the cherry. Bud thinning is stronger than flower thinning, and flower thinning is stronger than fruit thinning. During the budding period of cherry, 1/3 ~ 1/4 of flower buds are thinned on the fruIt 'branches in flower clusters, so as to ensure that all flower buds have enough nutrition for their growth and development; During the flowering period, pollination between different species is performed. When the size of the fruit is almost similar to that of the soybean grain, the deformed shape of the fruit is thinned.

Potted cherry care for disease and insect pest control

In terms of pest control, perforation disease and leaf mite is a common pest disease of cherries, which is mainly caused by the presence of gray brown mould on the leaves, which leads to the leaves shedding and brown perforation. When we grow and care for the cherry, spray in time for mancozeb, avermectin and other pesticides.

potted cherry care