How to grow and care for hybrid tea roses

Written by Maggie

Aug 31 2021

How to grow and care for hybrid tea roses

Hybrid tea rose is the main body of modern Chinese rose. It is the largest branch of modern Chinese rose, with more than 18,000 varieties and almost all colors in the flower world. How to grow and care for Hybrid tea rose? Let's look down together.

care for Hybrid tea rose

Prevent spring cold

In early spring, it is easy to suffer from spring cold. The so-called spring cold is simply understood as the normal temperature. When the temperature suddenly drops off a cliff, the root system of Hybrid tea rose will be easily damaged by frostbite. Of course, some varieties of rose is very cold, in the north can withstand the low temperature of minus 18 degrees, generally will not freeze to death root. When we grow and care for Hybrid tea rose, do soil cover treatment, and the south, not to mention, winter directly not afraid of freezing, some places can overwinter thaw in advance, and then continue to sprout early.

Pot soil for growing hybrid tea rose

If your rose did not change the pot last year, you can now give it to replace the soil, because the growth of the rose is still quite fast, soil nutrients will also be consumed. When we grow and care for hybrid tea rose, give enough base fertilizer, is conducive to the spring growth of nutrients.

Fertilization care for growing hybrid tea rose

Fertilization in early spring is generally in early spring, when the rose is about to sprout or just sprout, we must pay attention to fertilizer. Because at this time the rose is all bud points at the same time burst bud, will consume a lot of nutrition of the rose plant, so we should pay special attention to nutrition supplement is to fertilizer. When we grow and care for hybrid tea rose, if there is no sufficient fertilizer to the rose, then the growth of the year must be delayed, as the saying goes, a year's plan in the spring, at this time you are busy also want to take a time to the first pile of fertilizer to the rose in place.

Pruning care for growing hybrid tea rose

When we grow and care for hybrid tea rose, get a full trim. According to different types, different plant ages of rose, a comprehensive and thorough fine pruning. Hybrid tea rose is suggested to keep half the height of the backbone of the flower branches to promote the generation of a more robust and beautiful plant shape. Abundant flower rose, recommended to do moderate pruning, in order to increase the number of flowers. Mini rose, because the growth is relatively slow, it is recommended to do light pruning. For vine rose and the ground rose, it is recommended to cut only the dry and blind branches to maintain a better orientation.

Prepare the bed for transplanting. Preparing for planting rose land, should be flat and open, with loam is appropriate. When we grow and care for hybrid tea rose, the ground should be thoroughly cleared of weeds and branches before plowing. Then evenly spread fertilization, each mu can choose to crush dry cow dung or crushed dry pig dung 1500kg, 80kg compound fertilizer. Then rotary tillage for 3 times to a depth of 50cm. After rotary tillage, exposure to the sun for a few days to kill bacteria. Finally, according to the need, make it a wide or narrow bed, for transplanting.

care for Hybrid tea rose
Hybrid Tea Rose is one of the most beautiful roses in the world

Light care for growing hybrid tea rose

Winter dormancy of Chinese rose, generally in the early spring, it will begin to sprout, so when the weather gets warmer, whether to plant, or a potted rose. When we grow and care for hybrid tea rose, we need to give it poured a flood, water generally 3 to 6 days will sprout, and when I found it began to sprout, if it is at this time of the plants will need to move to the sunniest place, let it receives enough light!

But due to the early spring climate is very unstable, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, if not too much trouble, it is best to give it a bag at night heat preservation, so that the growth rate will be faster, fast, natural flowering will be early, if the trouble even, it will not frostbite!

Soil care for growing hybrid tea rose

Spring is the peak growth period of Chinese rose, this period of rapid plant growth. When we grow and care for hybrid tea rose, in addition, to ensure sufficient nutrients, the basin soil can not be too dry water shortage, otherwise it will affect the normal growth of the plant. Every time the basin soil is dry, it should be replenished in time to keep the basin soil slightly moist, to prevent too dry or water phenomenon. When the conservation environment is too dry, it is necessary to spray water to the plants frequently to increase the humidity of the environment and facilitate the growth of the plants.

Growing hybrid tea rose care for pest control

Spring is an easy season to breed pests and diseases, rose is also a high incidence of pests and diseases of plants, so when we grow and care for hybrid tea rose in spring, we can choose to kill it when the weather is sunny, prevention, such as carbendazim, mancozeb, chlorothalonil and so on are all possible. When a large number of new buds and leaves grow in rose, you can spray the plant 1 to 2 times 0.1% carbendazim aqueous solution, in advance to prevent the rose from producing diseases and insect pests.

care for Hybrid tea rose