Hybrid tea rose profile

Written by Maggie

Aug 31 2021

Hybrid tea rose profile

Hybrid Tea Rose can grow up to about 1.8m in height and each plant has about 60 or more flowers. Hybrid Tea Rose can reproduce and grow to 8-12.5cm in width. The Hybrid Tea Rose plant has an extremely fragrant aroma, bright color and disease resistance, making it one of the most popular rose varieties in the world. The long, one-flower-per-stem nature also makes it one of the most popular flower arrangements today.

Hybrid tea rose picture

Hybrid tea rose
Hybrid Tea Rose is one of the most beautiful roses in the world

Hybrid tea rose propagation methods

One method is budding, in which budding plays an important role in budding. One of these rootstocks is Rosa multiflora.

How to grow and care for hybrid tea rose

1. Water management 

The whole Hybrid Tea Rose growing season should be timely watering, the so-called timely watering refers to the plant should maintain a good state of growth, intuitive look at the leaf stretch, the top advantage is strong, beautiful flowers, leaves and petals without wrinkle phenomenon, at the same time, the surface soil of the plowing layer is moist, indicating that irrigation is timely, plant water is in a moderate state. On the contrary, leaf shrinkage, no apical dominance, flower drooping and plowing layer surface soil white, obviously plant in a state of water loss. 

2. Nutrient management

Generally, root solids should be applied three times throughout the Hybrid Tea rose growing season. Three times of solid root fertilization should be combined with multiple foliar fertilization, which is actually an important supplement to solid root fertilizer. 

3. Pruning

For the whole growth period of Hybrid Tea Rose, according to its growth rules, growth habits, flowering habits and growth temperature, two pruning should be carried out, the first pruning is generally set in the spring before germination can be light pruning moderate pruning and heavy pruning according to specific circumstances, but generally all moderate pruning. If need old plant rejuvenation and other reasons can be severely pruned. The second pruning should be scheduled in summer, and the degree of pruning is usually moderate.

Hybrid tea rose ornamental value

Hybrid tea rose is of indispensable value in landscape greening. Hybrid Tea Rose is the most frequently used flower in northern and southern gardens. Hybrid Tea Rose is the main ornamental flowers in spring, with long flowering period, high ornamental value and low price, it is loved by gardens all over the country. Hybrid Tea Rose is also used in potted plants for people to enjoy.

Hybrid tea rose