Gala Apple Tree Care & Propagation Guide

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Nov 05 2021

Gala Apple Tree Care & Propagation Guide
Gala apple tree is a deciduous tree species, with fragrant flowers in spring, green young leaves, lush branches and leaves in summer, red fruits in autumn and fallen leaves in winter. It can not only observe flowers and fruits, but also harvest to obtain economic benefits. Some Gala apple trees can be used as greening trees, which can play an important role in economic development.

Gala Apple Tree Quick Info

Botanical/Scientific Name Malus Domestica
Common Name Malus domestica Gala
Varieties Annaglo, Galaxy, Regala, Tenroy, Mondial Gala, Royal Gala
Uses Apple pies, cobblers and cooked dishes
Origin New Zealand
Light Care Full sun for at least 6 hours a day in late spring
Soil Care Full sun and well drained soil
Temperature Care Not too warm and not too cool
Humidity Care Moist
Watering Twice weekly for a few months
Pruning Care Prune when the leaves are off
Fertilizer Care Choose a slow release fertilizer
Propagation Cutting,Sowing
Toxic Non toxic

Gala Apple Tree Care in Detail

Gala Apple Tree Care & Propagation Guide

Gala Apple Tree Watering

Water is very important for Gala apple tree, but there are many problems in watering in the actual management process. Improper irrigation methods will lead to waste of water resources and soil hardening. The irrigation period cannot be coordinated with the water demand law of Gala apple tree. When the rainy season comes, we should pay attention to drainage and waterlogging prevention to protect Gala apple tree.

Gala Apple Tree Soil

Gala apple tree has particularly strong adaptability to soil requirements. It can be planted in some mountainous areas, river beaches or wasteland, and even some mild alkaline land. Generally speaking, gala apple tree can only bear fruit in two to three years after planting. gala apple trees generally have a life span of 10 to 50 years.
Gala apple tree is better to plant apples in slightly acidic or neutral soil, so please pay attention when planting Gala apple tree in soil. In addition, although the roots of Gala apple tree are very developed, the soil with loose and good drainage is better. Of course, the developed roots of Gala apple tree need a certain depth of soil layer to supply the growth of Apple roots. Too shallow soil can not make the roots of developed apple trees grow and affect the growth. Generally speaking, the planting soil of Gala apple tree needs to be deep, rich in organic matter, slightly acidic or neutral. It is best to take the sandy soil with good ventilation and drainage as the main planting soil.

Gala Apple Tree Light

Gala apple tree is a plant that likes the whole sun. During daily maintenance, we must give sufficient light and good ventilation. If potted plants are not as good as ground plants, watering must be dry and wet. Wet waterlogging or drought will slow down the growth and affect flower bud differentiation and results. In addition, Gala apple tree needs to sleep in winter. It is best to put it at about - 5 ℃. The ambient temperature in winter is high, and it is difficult to blossom and bear fruit in the next year.

Gala Apple Tree Temperature

If Gala apple tree wants to survive, it also has certain requirements for temperature. If the temperature is too high or too low, it is not conducive to the growth of fruit trees. The growth of Gala apple tree has the highest, lowest and most suitable temperature points. The lowest temperature acceptable to Gala apple tree is 5 ° and the highest temperature is 40 °. It can be seen that the apple tree is still very heat-resistant. The most suitable temperature for the growth of Gala apple tree is between 13 ° - 25 ° so that the apple tree can grow healthily.

Gala Apple Tree Humidity

It is generally believed that the optimum soil humidity of Gala apple tree is 60% - 80% of the maximum field water capacity. When the soil water content is less than 60% of the maximum field water capacity, irrigation needs to be considered.
If only the appearance of Gala apple tree, such as withered leaves, is dry to determine the need for irrigation, it is too late and its root system has been damaged. So how to make a simple judgment through an intuitive method! It can be judged by hand and visual inspection based on experience: loam or sandy loam can form a mass by hand. When it is squeezed again, the soil mass is not easy to break, and irrigation is generally not necessary; If the soil mass cannot be formed after the fingers are loosened, it indicates that the soil humidity is too low. Water should be poured to maintain the humidity of Gala apple tree.

Gala Apple Tree Fertilizer

The fertilization of Gala apple tree is generally divided into base fertilizer and topdressing. The time of nutrient supplement should be determined according to different varieties, the law of fertilization and the specific growth and fruit status of the tree. Generally, we fertilize Gala apple tree four times a year. The first time is before the tree flowers bloom, about April. The second time is after flowering. These two fertilization can effectively promote its germination and flowering, and timely supplement and improve the fruit setting rate and promote the growth of new lateral branches because of the large amount of nutrients consumed by flowering.
Gala apple tree should also be fertilized during flower bud differentiation and fruit expansion, that is, between May and June. This fertilization is mainly to meet the needs of nutrients in the process of fruit expansion, branch and leaf growth and bud differentiation. Moreover, this fertilization of Gala apple tree is mainly potassium fertilizer. We fertilize Gala apple tree for the fourth time, usually in autumn and around September, mainly with farmyard fertilizer into base fertilizer. Carbon should be applied according to the total amount of the whole year. In order to give full play to the effect of chemical fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer should be carried out together with organic fertilizer first, and can be used only after uniform mixing after accumulation and ripening, so as to provide the nutrient demand of Gala apple tree in the growth process.

Gala Apple Tree Pruning

Gala apple tree pruning is generally carried out in spring. No skirt branches below 70cm of the trunk are left, and one branch is left every 20cm above 90cm. The direction should be selected. The growth length of 80cm is not cut, all are flattened and sprouted, and 50-30cm truncated to promote the development of new branches. It will be processed in the next year. The branches in the center of Gala apple tree are not cut short, but cut every 20cm to promote the uniform growth of branches. From May to June, twister the shoots in time, control the core, and ring cut the trunk of robust trees to promote flower bud differentiation. The branches of Gala apple tree are too strong. It can be treated with Paclobutrazol to control the growth of branches and promote the increase and plumpness of flower buds.
If the apple tree wants to maintain a long fruiting time, we need to carry out Gala apple tree pruning. In winter, the apple tree should be pruned in time to maintain a suitable tree shape and appearance. The principle of Gala apple tree pruning is to prune the dead and old branches and some branches and leaves eroded by diseases and pests in time. Of course, we should also do a good job in the prevention and control of diseases and pests of apple trees. We should do a good job in artificial pollination when Gala apple tree pruning blooms to improve the fruit bearing rate of apple trees. Gala apple tree pruning should also do a good job in fruits and vegetables and improve the quality of apples.

Gala Apple Tree Repotting

Gala apple tree repotting has similarities and differences with ordinary flowers, trees and bonsai pots. In the same way, it should grow normally and blossom and bear fruit. The difference is that viewing apples has plastic art requirements, but it is not as strict as bonsai to display "silent poetry" and "three-dimensional painting". The position of trees planted in the basin is very important. The effect is different with different planting positions. Inclined trunk or horizontal trunk should be planted in the basin in a water facing manner. Straight trunk is generally planted at 1 / 3 of the basin, which hinders the ornamental effect. If Gala apple tree has been grown in situ for many years, it has a certain potted prototype. It takes shape quickly after being put into the pot, has early results and high ornamental value. It is generally transplanted in the spring of dormancy period. We should check and trim the roots in Gala apple tree repotting, and cut off the damaged, dead and aging roots. If the mud mass is bought in the market, if the mud mass is particularly solid, we can soak Gala apple tree in water and avoid breaking the soil mass to damage the roots. When trimming the root system, pay attention to the balance between the removal and retention of branches and leaves. After the Gala apple tree repotting, we can soak it in the water for a moment and let the basin absorb enough water. Otherwise, most of the water poured after the basin is put into the basin will be absorbed by the basin and affect the survival of the plant.
Then check the size and smoothness of the drainage hole, cover the drainage hole with plastic window screen or tendons, put in tiles, put a layer of coarse furnace slag at the bottom, and then put culture soil, Straighten out the root system of Gala apple tree repotting plant. The root penetration angle should not be small, and then cover it with culture soil. If there is no soil ball, lift the root slightly upward when adding 3 / 5 of the soil to stretch the root system, add the soil to 2 ~ 3cm away from the basin mouth, and vibrate the basin while filling. After filling, gently press it with your hand to make the basin soil loose and appropriate. After pouring water into the basin, a small amount of water seeps out from the drainage hole at the basin bottom. If a shallow basin is used, the soil can be leveled with the basin edge, and the watering method is immersion method. Gala apple tree repotting is generally made of rectangular or oval purple sand basin, 4 parts of garden soil, 3 parts of rotten stable manure and 2 parts of rotten leaf soil or peat. Base fertilizer can be put on the slag at the basin bottom. Generally, rotten cake fertilizer, bone meal, calcium superphosphate, etc. We can use 0.5 ~ 2kg per basin according to the size of plants and basins.

Gala Apple Tree Pest & Disease Control

We can use 0.5 mixture to spray the seedlings in the grass spring before Gala apple tree, mainly to sterilize the crops and control overwintering diseases and pests. According to the season, we can control the following diseases and pests.
Early Defoliation
This Gala apple tree disease is the general name of several diseases of apple leaves. Among them, brown spot disease and leaf spot disease (caused by the highly virulent strain of Verticillium wilt) cause serious defoliation.
Cercospora Leaf Spot
This Gala apple tree disease mainly damages the mature leaves, and the spotted defoliation mainly infects the young leaves. There are two peaks in spring and autumn. The bacteria overwinter on the diseased leaves, and then spread by rainwater splashing. We should clear the garden during the dormancy period of Gala apple tree, sweep away the fallen leaves and burn them. During the growth period, the leaves were sprayed to protect the leaves. Brown spot was controlled with 50% carbendazim or 50% methyltobuzin 800 ~ 1000 times solution, or 1: (2 ~ 3): 240 times Bordeaux solution. (Find more Winter Fruit here.)
Ring Spot
This Gala apple tree disease is controlled by carbendazim or tolbuzine methyl. 2. Spider diseases and insect pests. (if the insect population density is high before wheat harvest, you can spray 3000 times of 20% fenvalerate emulsion, or 2000 ~ 3000 times of 20% mite dead net or 10% keshengmanjing.)
Small Leaf Curling Moth
The first instar larvae cocoon in the bark and the gap between the shear and saw mouth for overwintering. In the next spring, silk leaves or flowers harm the leaves and eat the peel. We can scrape off the bark of old trees and burn them during dormancy. When the larvae are near the stage of hibernation, the cutting mouth is closed with 200 ~ 250 times of 50% trichlorfon to reduce the insect source. (Find more healthy fruit here.)

Gala Apple Tree Propagation

Gala Apple Tree Care & Propagation Guide

Gala Apple Tree Cutting Propagation

Gala apple tree cutting propagation is also a feasible planting method. It is very important to select the branch cutting object. Poorly developed branches can easily lead to branch death. There should be 5-6 shoots on the top when cutting branches. We should cut them off from the node. We can't stay in the air for too long. We should send them to the cutting point immediately. The advantage is that you can independently select high-quality seedlings, and start with some seedlings with high quality and right quantity. Gala apple tree cutting propagation has the disadvantage of low survival rate and requires certain planting technology. Otherwise, it is easy to have problems due to inadequate management. It is suitable for some people who intend to expand the planting area.

Gala Apple Tree Grafting Propagation

Grafting is the most common and widely used propagation method in Gala apple tree. Firstly, the transplanted Gala apple tree must be very strong, and the planting age must be more than 2 years. Then, the selected high-quality buds and seedlings shall be grafted onto the new tree. The advantage of this is that it can continue to expand the utilization value of Gala apple tree, produce better quality fruits and obtain higher profits. The disadvantage is that grafting belongs to management, which is easy to lead to death. Secondly, skills can only be constant once, and they are likely to be assimilated in the later stage, resulting in the need for re transplantation. Gala apple tree grading propagation is suitable for growers who take the high-quality route and do not pursue but yield.

Gala Apple Tree Benefits

We learned about the planting of Gala apple tree and some knowledge about the nutritional value of gala apple tree. Gala apple tree has high nutritional value because Gala apple pulp contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, especially the calcium content of apples.
Gala Apple can not only thank the human body for excess salt, but also metabolize calories. Therefore, Gala apple not only has high nutritional value, but also can lose weight. In addition, apple is also a food with very low calorie content, which is easy to be absorbed by people, but it will not cause obesity while providing energy.
Gala apple is not only rich in carbohydrates and some vitamins, especially the apple contains a lot of zinc, which can enhance people's memory energy and promote human growth and development, especially for growing children. If they often eat Gala apple, they can also improve memory, intelligence and human immunity. Gala apple is very easy to grow and manage, with good economic benefits. In addition, it has high nutritional value and many effects. It has increasingly become one of the favorite fruits of the public.

Gala Apple Tree Care FAQs

Gala apple nutrition

Gala apple contains a lot of glucose, glucose and soft white sugar. In addition to this glycogen, Gala fruit also contains a variety of nutritional elements and carotene, as well as many mineral nutritional elements, especially a lot of Arabic gum and potassium, which ranks first among fresh fruits.
Gala apple contains a lot of zinc, which can improve the memory ability of the body and promote brain development. Therefore, Gala apple is also called "the fruit of memory". In addition, it can also improve hemoglobin, which can well prevent anemia. In addition, it can also be used to supplement calcium and zinc and eliminate fatigue.
Gala apple contains a wonderful substance called "Gala Apple phenol", which is very soluble in water and digested and absorbed by the body. "Gala Apple phenol" has seven functions: 1. Antioxidant, which helps to maintain the freshness of food materials, so Gala Apple also has the advantage of storage resistance; 2. Remove odor, fishy smell and bad breath; 3. Prevent tooth decay; 4. Inhibit the formation of pigment and fruit enzyme; 5. Inhibit the production of ozone and prevent various lifestyle diseases caused by ozone; 6. Inhibit the rise of blood pressure and prevent hypertension; 7. Inhibit allergic symptoms and have certain anti allergic effect.
Arabic gum contained in Gala apple is a kind of water-soluble dietary cellulose, which can help reduce the total number of bad bacteria in intestines and stomach and promote the breeding of beneficial bacteria. There was a time when "Gala Apple fat reducing meal" was very popular, that is, using it can make people feel full, and has the advantage of moistening intestines, so as to achieve the actual effect of alleviating weight loss.
Gala apples contain a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is the key element to maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and it can also help inhibit the production of skin pigment, remove skin spots, improve hemoglobin, alleviate the decline rate of skin, and has a strong beauty effect. In addition, American researchers have proved that "taking vitamin C from fruits immediately is more reasonable than taking drugs orally."
Gala apples contain substances such as sugar content, calcium ion and tartaric acid. They can help to combine acid roots with acid constitution, and then reduce the acidity and alkalinity in the blood. In that way, acid-base blood is not easy to deposit in the body, making people feel tired and weak.
Gala apple is a fresh fruit with many nutrients. It will make your skin more and more delicate, white, red and glossy. Gala Apple also contains a lot of collagen fibers and nutritional elements. A chromium element in Gala Apple can maintain the reliability of blood glucose and reduce cholesterol very well.
Gala Apple also contains a lot of dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. In addition, it can help you discharge some waste, so the harm to people will be greatly reduced.
Gala Apple also contains a lot of anthocyanins, flavonoids and polysaccharides, which are all very pure natural organic chemical antioxidants, which can reduce the incidence of lung cancer. In addition, Gala Apple can also prevent lead poisoning.
Gala apple contains a lot of zinc, which can improve the memory ability of the body and promote brain development. Therefore, Gala fruit is also called "the fruit of memory". In addition, it can also improve hemoglobin, which can well prevent anemia. In addition, it can also be used to supplement calcium and zinc and eliminate fatigue.

How many calories in a gala apple?

The calories in Gala apple are not very low. The calories in every 100 grams of edible Gala fruit are only about 46 calories. Proper consumption of Gala Apple can effectively supplement nutrition for the body. Gala apple is actually a kind of small apple. Gala Apple has been on the market earlier than other kinds of apples and can be fully listed at the end of August. Therefore, Gala Apple can effectively replace the sales of other apples. Therefore, many people will often eat Gala apple, and Gala apple contains a lot of cellulose, which has a good effect of moistening intestines and defecation.

Are gala apples good for apple pie?

Gala apples can be made into delicious apple pie. The specific methods are as follows:
Step 1: we should soften the butter and put it into a basin, then put in fine granulated sugar, screen in low gluten flour, knead it by hand until it is kneaded into coarse corn flour, then add water to the kneaded flour, knead it into dough, and refrigerate it in the refrigerator for more than 15 minutes.
Step 2: during the period of relaxing the dough, we can make apple pie. We can clean Gala apples, peel and core them, cut them into small pieces, heat the pot, add butter, stir fry the butter, add Gala apples, stir fry for a moment, then add fine granulated sugar to continue stir fry. After adding fine granulated sugar, Gala apples will gradually exude a lot of water, Cook slowly with this water over low heat until Gala apples soften.
Step 3: we can mix the corn starch with water to make starch water. After the diced apple is soft, pour in starch water, boil and stir fry until the filling becomes viscous. Turn off the fire, add lemon juice and salt, and mix evenly. The apple pie filling is ready.
Step 4: we can divide the relaxed dough into two parts, one larger and the other smaller, with a ratio of about 2:1. Put the larger one on the chopping board, roll it into thin slices with a rolling pin, then spread it on the pie plate, gently press the apple pie skin with your hand to make it close to the pie plate, roll it over the pie plate with a rolling pin, and cut the excess pie into sections, Remove the excess pie skin.
Step 5: then we use a fork to tie some holes evenly on the apple pie pie, roll the remaining small portion of dough into thin slices, cut it into long strips, put Apple stuffing on the pie, then place the long strips on it, weave a cross grid, and press the junction between the grid and the apple pie pie pie plate with our fingers to make the excess pie drop after weaving the grid, And glue the mesh to the pie at the bottom.
Step 6: we can brush a layer of whole egg liquid on the surface of apple pie, then put the apple pie into the preheated oven, bake it at 200 ℃ for 15 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 175 ℃ for 20-25 minutes, and bake it until the surface is slightly golden yellow.
The apple pie made in this way is very delicious. The pie skin is crisp and the pie filling is sweet and soft. The detailed methods of pie skin and apple filling are all on it. Please try it quickly.
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